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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by jno51, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. jno51

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    Just trying new recipes. The bird on the left, used a little Brandy, Apple juice in the can and the one on the right Bud Light, Italian dressing, onion and bell peppers. Dry rubbed the three Pheasant. Ran the chickens  4 hours at 250. and a couple hours on the Pheasent. The Pheasent were a little dry but the oh chickens rocked. Smoked it on Saturday thinking it would last all week. Smoked two slabs of ribs also. Had to pull the menu this morning ALL GONE !



  2. Look good and great color. You might try thin slices of bacon on the pheasant to help with moisture.
  3. sunman76

    sunman76 Master of the Pit

    thats some good looking birds and slabs.   Thanks for post up the Q[​IMG]
  4. big andy a

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    So which of the two chickens did you like the best - the brandy one or the Bud Light version?

  5. scarbelly

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    What a great smoke - what was your favorite ?
  6. jno51

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    Ok, The best, Hard to say, they were both great. The brandy and apple juice had a great flavor and was amazingly moist. The BL with italian dressing with onion and bell pepper very moist as well but with a more a spicy flavor. What I didn't tell you was I smoked with the A-MAZ-N Pellet smoker using Apple pellets. Give em a try they are both worth the smoke. Depending on what the rest of your meal is may be the one you choose. Good Luck and "UP IN SMOKE" from Texas
  7. smokinal

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    It all looks great, hard to beat beer can chicken!
  8. woundedyak

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    Perfect coloring!
  9. jno51

    jno51 Smoking Fanatic

    Al, they were both pretty mean. and thanks to the rest for your cudos. I have to say the wife loves it cuz it keeps her out of the kitchen.
  10. africanmeat

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    It looks as a great smoke
  11. dewetha

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    nice looking birds!
  12. bmudd14474

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    I can see why they are all gone. Great job
  13. sprky

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    No wounder they are all gone they [​IMG]
  14. beeboq

    beeboq Fire Starter

    Looks great!!  What did you smoke them on?  
  15. jno51

    jno51 Smoking Fanatic

    I built a fridge unit a month or so ago. I have pics I can send you in the morning. If you will go over and look under fridge build go down 15 threads you can take a look at my unit as I went through the build. If you have any more questions let me know. Be glad to help.
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  16. raptor700

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    They look awesome, nice color [​IMG]

    BC Chicken is hard to beat

  17. berninga87

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  18. oldschoolbbq

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    To keep a moister bird, Brine them next time.Makes a great difference.

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