Beer Can Bacon Wrapped Four Cheese Stuffed Burgers - For lack of a better name

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  1. A friend of mine saw a video on Facebook of these insane looking "beer can burgers" and asked if I could help her with them for her daughter's birthday party so I packed up the WSM and headed over the night before the party to get them ready so they could sit overnight in the fridge before hitting the smoker.

    I had to do a lot of fishing to figure out quantities for the recipe because the video basically says "make a ball, crush with a can, wrap with bacon, cook, stuff with cheese mix." [​IMG]

    What I came up with, thanks in large part to this forum, was the following:

    Crush a 5oz meatball (mixed with your favorite burger rub/seasoning) using a can and bring the meat up the sides of the can to form a bowl.  While the can is still in the center of the bowl wrap the burger in bacon.  I found that one strip per burger was enough.

    Here they are before we got them in the fridge.  We ended up making 14 of these bad boys.

    Now, for the cheese filler.  Since there really weren't any instructions we decided to wing it.  We used Monterey Jack, Cheddar, Marble, and Creamcheese.  Then we added chopped jalapeno peppers to one batch and mushrooms to the other.  I'm not sure about the quantities but we basically made twice as much as we need (off to the freezer with the rest.)  The larger of the two bowls below has the jalapeno because we made 10 of those and 4 of the mushroom.

    Then came time to get them on the WSM.  I preheated to 225* around 1pm and figured about a couple hours so that we could eat around 3 pm.  In hindsight I would have cooked at 200* for that length of time (everyone loved them but I thought they were just a bit dry.)

    Here they are about to go on:

    Got all but two on the top rack.  After about an hour and a half they looked awesome so we took them out and started filling with our cheese mix!

    Oh yeah, we topped them with ground bacon before putting them back in the WSM for the last half hour.  

    Did I mention we smoked some hot Italians at the same time?

    Here's the finished product, I was lucky to get a shot of these as they went fast!!!

    Thanks for watching!  Ham a-la-Bearcarver for father's day this Sunday [​IMG]
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  2. smokinal

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    Holy Cow!

    I can see why they went fast, they look delicious!!

  3. Thanks Al and thanks for the points!  They were very tasty :)
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  4. sauced

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    Another soon to be family favorite!! Thanks for sharing!!


  5. mowin

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    Thanks to you, my have to try list, just got longer.:drool. :points:
  6. eatmypork

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    Looks great! Will be trying those soon
  7. Thanks Sauced!  Hope your family enjoys them!
    LOL Sorry about that mowin [​IMG]
    Thanks EatMyPork!  Let me know how they turn out :)
  8. uncle eddie

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    Daaaaannnng!  Those look great!!!

    And now my wheels are turning for other stuffings.  

    Maybe a cheese based hot artichoke dip...hmmm.
  9. b-one

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    Tasty looking burgers!
  10. I hadn't thought of that!!! That's a great idea.  :)  Thanks for the feedback!!
    Thanks b-one!
  11. uncle eddie

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    Ok - I am going to try these tomorrow.  

    We are only going to make 2 or 3 - still thinking about the burger blend/toppings - getting some good ideas, and bad ones.  

    Will post the results tomorrow.
  12. Glad you tried them and loved em... no left over burgers is a great name lol

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