Beer butt chicken w/q-view

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  1. Brined chicken for almost 24 hours
    Rinsed it off.
    Slid a little butter under the skin where i could;)
    Added rub. Where rub wouldnt stick, i added mustard and rub;)
    Kilkenny was my beer of choice, i filled 1/2 an empty bud can with kilkenny (fyi)
    On the napolean 3/1 charcoal smoker, water pan filled with water
    2 hours in, around 145 IT
    Smell of pecan wood must be driving the neighbors nuts!!!;)
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    Loking great , Paul. [​IMG]
  3. lookin good soo far....
  4. Oops
    Forgot to finish this! lol
    Lucky for me. The napoleon 3/1 breaks down into a charcoal grill. So i pulled the chicken out at 165, let it rest for an hour
    I broke the smoker down to gill size and put the lid on it
    I broke the chicken down and grilled it all to get some crispier skin for about 2 minutes each side
    I love doing it this way, some people will dissagree, but the chicken stayed juicy, smokey and yummy!
    Sorry i didnt get a closeup of the meat. It got eaten

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