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  1. Ok, so it's been quite a while since I've posted.  Had been a while since I fired up a smoker.  Even a thousand miles away from where I was before.

    So it was chilly... the wife bought a couple of 9-10lb boston butts (and had let me get a MES as, which made it a pretty good time to do a smoke and get back on the forums :)

    I didn't take any pics beforehand, because I wasn't really sure I would even be smoking when the day started.  Something about little ice crystals falling on me almost put me out of the mood.  But after moving to the garage, I decided to go full steam (or smoke) ahead.

    The butt is about 9 lbs or so.  Rub was as follows (measurements are approximate, as I was just throwing them together

    1/2 cup kosher salt

    1/4 cup garlic powder

    1/4 cup ancho pepper powder

    1/4 cup pasilla negro pepper powder

    1/4 cup mexican oregano

    I had meant to add 1/4 to 1/2 cup brown sugar too, but there was alcohol involved during the prep...   no more needs said ;)

    I coated the rub and let sit overnight...  added some more this morning to make sure of coverage and popped it in the smoker around 9am.

    Running at 250 to start, but cut back to 225 once it got up to temp and started smoking.

    Wood was a mix of hickory, pecan and some JB chips.

    Pic below is what was used in the spritz (and also happen to be used in the drink of choice at the moment (although use regular sugar in the caipirinhas)

    And below is the meat at 115* internal temp.  Still a while to go, but looks pretty good so far.

    Will get some more pics up later...  well, unless I decide to "spritz" myself a few times... LOL
  2. Man thats looking good! Cant wait ti see more.

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    Nice , and no foil???
  4. Not yet... I foil around 165-170... almost there, but not quite yet.

    Then I'll probably bring it inside to use the oven to finish it off... a bit too chilly outside and the temp is still dropping...

    I also threw in some peppers to smoke for a bit... will get some pics of them up in a while as well...  not a lot, just a couple fatalis, a couple chocolate bhuts, a reaper, and a few others I had laying around :)

    Will be drying them and adding them to some powder mixes.
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    That's looking good!
  6. Bah... hit the stall at 160* and even lost a couple degrees.  I was hoping to be able to pull and wrap it, but will be a while yet for that.  I did pull the peppers and am adding a shot pre- and post- smoke.  Just a touch to add a little smokiness to them :)

    Will update again when I pull to wrap...  :)
  7. So far so good. What kind of peppers do you have?

    Happy smoken.

  8. I smoked 3-4 chocolate bhuts, a 2-3 fatali, cmp26500, a reaper, a ts moruga, and a handful of cabai burong.

    I've got a few other types, but most are in the dehydrator or still on the plants (covered and hoping for some more ripening before I have to call it quits for the
  9. Ok, finally hit 165* internal,so pulled, wrapped and in the oven to finish off.  Will probably be a while yet, so not sure when I'll get the final pics posted...   but at least I know what's for breakfast tomorrow... and lunch... and dinner :)

    Here's how it looked at wrapping time...  bone's already separated nicely... can't wait til it's done :)

  10. Ok... finally done,rested, pulled and added the finishing sauce...

    Used Jeff's Finishing Sauce recipe ( and added the remaining Caipirinha Spritz to it.

    It had to be sampled... so here is breakfast :)

    Was really good.  Could definitely taste the lime from the spritz... not in an overpowering way, just a hint.  And the heat (from the peppers in the rub and finishing sauce) was nice.  It started with just a very slight hint of heat on the tongue, but built a bit in the back of the mouth.  Again, nothing overpowering, but a nice build-up of warmth.

    I think I'll throw on LotR and use that to justify a Second Breakfast... maybe add in a couple eggs and toast...

    Hope y'all enjoyed the Q-view.

    Til next time :)

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