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  1. I have a 15 pound beef tenderloin that we want to smoke this weekend. Now, pork I know, but I have never done a beef tenderloin before. Can you guys help me out? Recipes, time, temp, woods...everything. Thanks!
  2. fatback joe

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    My favorite way is just a little EVOO and salt and pepper, crank the heat up to about 350 and throw it on there. Pull it off at 120 degrees internal temp (I like it rare) and let rest for 15 minutes or so and slice it thick.

    No need for fancy rubs and low and slow on a good chunk of meat like that IMO. Save that stuff for the lesser cuts.

    Good luck,

    Oh, and hickory or oak for the smoke for my tastes.
  3. flagriller

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    Ditto, I like mine med.
  4. jts70

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    What they said. Temps will depend on how you want it cooked .
  5. Thanks guys! I looked all over the site and didn't see the related threads until I posted this one. Sorry for the repeats. The experts all seem to agree on the method. I'll post some pics of the final outcome.
  6. clyde

    clyde StickBurners


    Much better grilled over very low direct heat with the lid shut.

    If you have a charcoal grill that allows you to drop the coals lower in the grill or raise the cooking grate real high above the coals, that's the way to go.

    Basically, what you're cooking is a long thick steak. It won't take over an hour to cook, and tenderloin is very unforgiving if you overcook it. It has a low internal fat content, and will become dry and livery if overcooked. We pull ours @ 115* and rest with a foil tent.

    Something else that will help is to remove the side meat. There is a pretty tough membrane between it and the main body of the tenderloin that ought to come off. Also, be sure to remove all the silverskin for the best dining. You'll cut a fair amount of meat off when you remove the side meat, but it's good saved over for kabobs.

    Rub with EVOO or melted butter before grilling or the outside will tend to be pretty dry. I've cooked a few dozen of these, and they're super good if you do them right. If you don't, you're better off cutting them into steaks.

    Oh, and one last thing, tuck the tail under itself and tie it in place or skewer it. That way the whole length of the meat will be uniform ad cook evenly.

    Oink snort Yeah, you did say BEEF tenderloin didn't you?
  7. Thanks Clyde! Yea, it is Beef Tenderloin and pretty much a monster so we may be cutting this beast in half.
  8. deejaydebi

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    I like to slice it off in 2 inch thick rounds and marinate in Italian dressing, a bit of brown sugar, garlic and onion and soy sauce for a few hours.

    Then wrap a slice of bacon around the edge sear it right quick with a high flame about 10 - 15 seconds and smoke for about 5 minutes with a puddle of marinate on top flip puddle the top and smoke another 5 minutes. Rare almost filet mignons!
  9. Thanks Deb. Will definately try that next time. We stuck with the basics for our first go round and I must say...they turned out perfect. I followed Fatback Joe's instructions to a tee, except I took them off at 128. We like them med-rare. My wife made a sweet and slightly spicy mushroom gravy to go over the top and OMG! Thanks everyone for all your help. Here are some pics of the final product.
  10. wvsmokeman

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    Great lookin' beef!! That had to taste as good as it looks!! Thanks for the q-view.
  11. meowey

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    Drool, drool, drool!!

    Looks fantastic!

    Take care, have fun, and do good!


  12. fatback joe

    fatback joe Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    That looks great. Glad to hear it turned out well for you.
  13. id sear it on a grill nice and hot about 3 mintues a side, throw in a 275 smoker and watch the temp until its done.. Dont waste time sasoning too heavily on a good cut of meat liek that.
  14. deejaydebi

    deejaydebi Smoking Guru

    Looks beautiful Kyle! Great job! [​IMG]
  15. jaynik

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    I'd make thick slices and grill that bad boy up into steaks... mmmmmmmmmmmm
  16. clyde

    clyde StickBurners

    For steaks,remove the side meat, cut into 4" lengths, then butterfly for 2" thick filets. The tenderloinis divided into 5 cuts. From the big end first is the butt, normally used for roasts such as chateaubriand, then are the filet mignon, the the fillets, then the tournados, then the tail, the middle cuts are generally regarded as the best.

  17. flagriller

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    Looks good

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