Beef Tenderloin on the Yoder

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mbogo, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. Hi Y'all, just had to share last nites din din with ya, I apologize for not having more than 1 pic, but it's the important one!!  (And it was too damn cold to stand out there & fart around with the camera...) 

    My local shop had whole tenders for $7.99/lb, I sez to da man, who crazy round here??  He sez, they're select, but you'll never know the difference...   Um Hmm....   Well, they've never steered me wrong yet, so I procure.  

    Trimmed it up, saving the side meat for somethin, and cut in half & vac packed 1/2.  Threw it in a baggie w/ a little Newmans italian for a few hours, then tied it up so it would cook evenly, a liberal dousing with CBP & Sea salt, and onto the Yoder at 300. Cooked to 115, yanked them, and cranked it up to 500. Seared for a couple of minutes, turning frequently, and Voila!  Beef Bliss!!

    Oh, I smoked a couple of bakers at the same time, they didn't get done in time, so had to finish in the nuker. Please dont tell.

    Some nice asparagus with melted cheddar, and I was asleep by 8. The wife says it was 7, but she was snoring louder than me. I digress.

    This is what winters are made for!

  2. Now that makes my mouth water....
  3. Just munching on the little bit of leftover now, only cuz the dog is on her walk, and I'm safe from the jaws of death-  It was great, will do the same way next time, but with more cheese for the veggie! 

    Hey, nice smoker build you got going there, where bouts in MN are ya? I'm in Andover-

  4. Thanks...New Ulm

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