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    I have been working towards making beef sticks. Store bought 80/20 burger, casings from ebay and use my jerkey shooter to stuff them. The tube on the shooter is approx 5/8 o.d. I want to start small to see if they sell and tweak the recipe. If all goes well I will buy a grinder/stuffer from cabella's.

    The casings here.

    this is what the result I hope to achieve. Sweet lebanon bolonga.

    any thoughts, comments are greatly appreciated.


  2. Do you have a recipe?
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    SausageBoy aint to far from Wellsville.

    Sweet Lebanon i did awhile back.


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    well, sort of. i really miss that country you inhabit and i think your sig is very cool.
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    wow!! is it possible to fall in love with a picture?
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