Beef Sticks With A Long, Slow Smoke For 'Tang' ala Nepas

Discussion in 'Beef' started by chef willie, Apr 30, 2014.

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    Got a deal on a 5 pound chub of ground beef so a long time on the 'to do' list recipe from Nepas got made. Meat was mixed and rested overnight, then stuffed into 21MM collagen casings, allowed to dry for a few hours then into the 125-130 degree smoker at about 5 PM for the over night smoke. I used the bourbon barrel dust in my AMNS. They were at 126 IT after about 14 hours and I bumped the smoker up about 10 degrees. They hit 152 at the 17 hour mark so pulled them and put into ice water to cool, then air dried for about 4 hours. Nice and thick, not crumbly, good flavor, nice smoke aroma and taste. Definitely worth the time invested and a 'will do again' beef stick. Even the GF gave it a thumbs up! I would go with a bit more heat...maybe double the crushed red pepper or the cayenne....but, as is, a very tasty stick......Willie

    stuffed and drying

    152 IT after 17 hours so 'tang' would develop

    4 hour bloom time before sampling

    money shot.....they sure go down easy with a cold beverage

    10 lbs 80/20

    4 Tbs hot hungarian paprika. If you dont have the hot use the same amount of regular paprika but DOUBLE the cayenne.
    1 cup powder dry milk
    1/2 cup fermento or powder buttermilk (get this by the baking powder in the store)
    5 Tbs hot mustard.
    5 Tbs non iodized salt
    2 Tbs corn starch....(or powdered sugar)
    2 Tbs garlic powder
    1 Tbs celery seed
    1 Tbs onion powder
    1 Tbs cayenne
    2 tsp black pepper
    2 LEVEL tsp cure #1
    2 tsp allspice
    1 tsp ground thyme
    1.5 cup distilled cold water (add another 1/2 cup if needed while mixing)
    Add all the dry to the water.
    You can stuff right away or fridge and stuff the next day. Smoke your normal way, HOWEVER try not to exceed 155-160 IT of your smoker. This is not a fast 5-8 hour smoke. This can take from 20 to 24 hours so PLEASE have the time to watch it. Reason for the long smoke time is tang.
    If you want you can decrease the smoke time and pump the temp, but will not get the full tang.
    You can cut this for a 5lb batch.

     And I added 2 fat tablespoons of crushed red pepper to the party....
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    Looks Great, Willie!!![​IMG]

    I could devour a few feet of them real easy!!![​IMG]

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    Chef Willie,

    When you say you put into ice water, how did you do this? Did you totally submerge these into ice water and just let it sit in it or just a quick dunk in and out? Can you explain what bloom is? Also, would you have any pointers or suggestions for me? I will be using your recipe. I have an electric MES and I also have the MB cold smoker attached. I figure with the cold smoker I wouldn't smoke for the whole time since this pumps out the smoke. Any tips you'd recommend would be appreciated.
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    Yes, totally submerged them....only takes a few minutes to knock down the temp. Keeps them from wrinkling....most guys will, some don't. Bloom is allowing the flavors to meld together and the sausage to set up some. This is a long smoke so keep the temps low or the meat will 'fat out'. I'm not familiar with the cold smoker from MB so no help there. You may have to hang the sausage to get them all in the MES...if so, don't let them touch. Use separators, like pieces of cardboard to keep them slightly apart. Here's the original link for you to research if you wish 
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    Chef Willie thanks for sharing,I can see these in the very near future. Have the beer already cold.LOL

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    Thanks Chef Willie, and thanks for the fast response!! I WILL be trying this recipe this weekend so long as I can find fermento or powder buttermilk?
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    For fermento You can order it online don't think it will be for this weekend.

  8. chef willie

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    powered buttermilk readily available in most markets by the baking supplies....small round yellow container with a Chefs face on it....sorry, forget the name at the moment
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    Attempt #2 on these gettin mixed up tonight. Gonna be too late to stuff them, however will get mixed up and having a stuffing party tomorrow afternoon, followed by a long term appointment in the smoker. 
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