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    Here is another batch of unstuffed (No skins/casings) Beef Sticks.

    I finally got my new LEM 5 pound stuffer. This time I did a 7 pound batch of Unstuffed Beef Sticks, just like my 5 pound batch, but instead of rolling them by hand, I shot them through my stuffer. It worked real good. I shot them through the 3/4" tube, and filled 3 MES shelves. I used my A-MAZE-N-SMOKER, and gave them 8 hours of smoke (from medium/light to medium heavy), with 90% Hickory dust, topped with some "Oak Bourbon Barrel" dust. I ran my temp up gradually from 120˚ to 185˚, pulling the sticks when they hit 165˚ internal temp.

    They are perfect---You can really make them smoky without casings blocking some of the smoke.

    For easy to follow step by step recipe & instructions, click on "Unstuffed Beef Sticks" in my signature below.

    The only difference is the other batch was 5 pounds hand rolled, and this batch is 7 pounds shot through my stuffer.

    The only other difference is this time I didn't rest the whole mixed batch in the fridge over night in a bowl. I mixed it, then made it into sticks, then put them in the fridge over night (uncovered) before smoking them the next day.

    Thanks for lookin',


    Finished Smoking:


    Ready for freezer:

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    Now those look great there bear. Why don't you use casings??? I don't think I have heard why yet.???
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    In my opinion, I get them tasting much more smoky, without the casings blocking some of the smoke. Since I lay them on the shelves, instead of hanging them, I don't need the casings to hold them together. IMO, they may be a little lumpy & bumpy, but they taste sooooo much better.

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  4. That is some good looking sticks you have there.  Absoulty beautiful.

  5. Gotta agree 100% on the caseless.  The taste is so much better AND in my view, one less thing that can go wrong in the preparation.  And if they're lumpy and bumpy, that's more surface area to absorb the smoky flavor, another plus.  Now I've got to go back and adjust the original recipe posting, which is just fine by me.  Thanks BC.
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