Beef Short Ribs

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  1. Hi all seen a post for beef ribs reminded me I had some in the freezer but  I haven't ever smoked any  I don't know cook temp or times and inter. temp any help would be nice

    I got a new toy to play with


    getting ribs ready


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  2. going to cook them at 250* for 3-6 hours to 200* inside more Q's tomarrow
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    Hey I resemble that guy. Now you can use the 3-2-1 but I have found that smoking theses big ole things it better to smoke them by temp. I do keep the first 3 hours and then I foil them with a good amount of liquid in the foil and take them for about 2.5 hours but I go with the temp. When they hit about 190° i'll take them out of the foile and let them finish to about 205°ish maybe alittle more and then into the cooler for atleast 30 minutes if now more. You will like them believe me.
  5. just put the ribs on I did a quick test with my new toy on my temp gauge  it is off by a 100* to 150* got to get a new one
  6. done tast good but I'm still not sold on beef ribs


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    Not sold on Beef Ribs???

    Everybody has different taste buds---Right now I think mine exploded from looking at your Qview!!!


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    Pork ribs are hard to beat, but I really like beef ribs
  9. I think I just like pork ribs better I'm going to try them again when it"s warm out and I have the new smoker done

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