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  1. Hey guys planning on doing some beef short ribs here in the beer future, was gunna get some ribs in the 2 1/2 thick range. My plan of attack is to apply some olive oil then rub with black pepper, salt, onion powder, and garlic powder. I am going to smoke on my traeger at 180 degrees with cherry, hickory, and maple until I reach an internal temp of 160, gunna wrap in foil and place on the traeger meat side down, set the traeger to 250 until I reach an internal temp of 190. Let the ribs sit in the foil, remove the bones then slice like a brisket and maybe ad some good sauce! Any recommendations would be great!
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    Sounds like a good plan, but you may want to take them to a little higher temp. 
  3. Internal temp? Or temp on the smoker?
  4. Thank you! A little higher internal temp? How high should i take them?
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    Howdy Frank.

    Your rub sounds great. BUT I keep it simple on beef ribs.  I cook them at 225 degrees for the entire smoke and I use the 3-2-1 method just like pork ribs.

    3 hours on the rack in the smoke. at 225, Then wrap them in foil put them back on the rack for 2 hours at 225.  Lastly. Remove them from the foil and put them bacon the rack for 1 more hour at 225. 


  6. I prefer my short ribs rubbed only and run naked(no foil) through the smoke. SPOG compliments the short ribs well and lets the beef be the star flavor.

    As to when they are done, it's hard for me to go by time alone. There are so many differences in thickness/size from rack to rack. I've had them go a little as 5 hours, some up to 8 hours to finish. As to pulling at 190, this will have a nice bite off the bone finish. I have also smoked them all the way up to 205* and had fall off the bone texture at this temperature. This becomes a personal choice as to which is better.

    Have fun and enjoy!!!
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  7. Thanks for the info guys is bbq sauce any good on the ribs?
  8. I like them as is, with a nice bark and the SPOG rub only. But again, that is a personal preference.

    They will be plenty moist and tender with/without sauce.

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