Beef Round Round Tip COV Knuckle (10 lbs.)

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  1. Hey guys,

    I'm going to be cooking a Beef Round Round Tip COV Knuckle sometime over the Memorial Day Weekend.  I bought this meat at BJ's, but I had a friend buy it for me.  I'm not really sure what a round round tip is.  I think it is the top round, bottom round, and the knuckle is the sirloin tip?  Anybody know what a beef round round tip truely is?

    Also the little info I have found on this says they tend to dry out.

    Can anyone provide preparation & smoking instructions for this cut of beef?  Anyone that has smoked one before or just want to leave their 2 cents, I would love to hear from you.  Also, are there any special things to do since it is such a large piece of beef?  

    I'm completely green when it comes to smoking.  I've only had my own smoker for 2 weeks and so far I have done ribs, rabbit, pork loin, turkey legs, and hamburgers.  Everything turned out good, but nothing was 10 pounds.  I tried looking up the cut of beef on the forum and there were no returned search results.  I know you guys probably get sick of answering all these newbie questions, but I would very much appreciate if you had a little time to share your experience(s)- if you have them.    

    The meat is gonna mostly be used for pit beef sandwiches, however, I would gladly read a post on any way to cook this type of beef.  This time is sandwiches, but there is always next time for another way.

    Thanks guys & gals.
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    How about posting a picture. Otherwise, I am sure Pops will know. It does sound like you have a combo of Bottom Round, Round Tip Roast and maybe even Eye of Round.  Whatever, you don't think of the poundage so much but the finished Internal Temp. Look under the beef section and you'll find an Eye of Round I did. I only took this to 135º and then wrapped in foil for  a period of time to rest. It ended up and nice medium rare. Sliced thin, it made for some great roast beef sammies.

    Here, found the link.
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    No for temps that low, I only use the foil wrap after pulling from the smoker. It traps in the heat as the meat rest. The juices get redistributed thru out the meat during this time.

    Dave that chart is pretty good. I have a PDF one that is phenomenal but don't know how to post it.
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    See if you can right click and save this pdf file. It should be must larger than what was posted.
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