Beef Roladen German Style

Discussion in 'Beef' started by reinhard, Jan 1, 2014.

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    Roladen is our traditional Christmas eve dinner. Comes with potato dumplings and kraut with bacon [and the roladen's ingredients add so much to the flavor of the gravy.  I made 34 of the roladen this year.  Thin cut sirloin tip steak is what i used.  To make them thinner i wacked them good with my trusted cleaver.  After smakin the slices of tip i smeared mustard on the slice, some chopped up bacon, chopped onions, and some pickle relish [plain not the sweet stuff].  I then roll it up and put some toothpicks in the meat to hold it together.  My mom still uses cotton string to tie each one but tooth picks are so much easier [my mom gives me the look, when she has mine and sees the toothpicks LOL].

    After they are all rolled up i brown the roladen in a roasting pan.  Then i make some aujus and pour enough to go a quarter or so up the roladen in the aluminum trays.  I cover the pans with foil and put them in the oven at 325 deg until done.  I also turn them over once in awhile during the cooking process.  After they are done i take the roladen out of the pans and pour the juices into a pot and make the gravy from that.  After the gravy is done i pour it over the roladen that i have put back in the pans.  Serve the roladen and the gravy out of the pans.  The other pics are from the kraut i made and the dumplings.  Reinhard

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    I've never had Roladen buy I don't know why. It looks like something I would love! Nice job! I had to reread the part about the cleaver. At first I thought you were saying you sliced them that thin with your
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    Hi Reinhard,

    This looks fantastic. What a great Christmas Eve dinner tradition. I'd love to try making these sometime.....seems like a great use for some of the cheaper cuts like round steak or rump roast.

    Great pictures, and a great post. Thanks for sharing!
  4. reinhard

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    Thanks everyone.  There is some prepwork to this and it does take some time but i love to cook and that's just part of the enjoyment of cooking.  My daughter is best at making the dumplings.  She has that touch when the texture of the dumplings are ready for the simmering salted water.  The kraut/bacon dish is something i have had since i was a kid.  I put the kraut/bacon on top of polish and brats also after grilling. Reinhard
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    Not only does the meal look great but the ricer is unique to me... looks like it works much better than the one I have..... I've looked through many commercial restaurant supply catalogs and never have I seen a ricer like you have....

  6. reinhard

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    I still have an old beat up ricer myself Dave.  I bought two of the one's you see in the pic for my daughters.  I'll have to ask my wife where she got them on-line.  I looked all over the place around where i live and could not find one until we went on-line.  Guess most folks dont use them or know what they are for LOL.  Just my guess.  One Christmas i forgot my ricer when we went to my daughters house to prepare the meal.  I told her to go to Whalmart or any place like that.  I figured that the super Walmart had to have them.  Well they didn't so we had mashed potatos instead.  So i made sure i covered all the bases next time around so i got both my daughters one.  Reinhard
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    Wow. Another great tradition and meal. Great looking beef.

  8. red

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    Looks Great! My wife has made this from time to time.[​IMG]

    Ever think about putting it to smoke for the first hour or so?

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