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  1. OK.. I think I can smoke up some beef ribs before the monsoon storms hit this evening. But, I have not done beef ribs before in the smoker.

    I'm going to clean them (pull the membrane off the back) and I'm using Jeff's beef rub. I'm also going to use cherry wood for my smoke.

    Question: I know by feel and sight when ribs are "fall off the bone" done. But does anyone know at what temp beef ribs are done at so I can get a general idea rather than opening the door too often to check them out??? How long am I going to be out there so I can gauge the storm arrival and when my ribs will be done?
  2. Well, I smoke my beef ribs at 210* to 215* and no higher. I've had good success with the 3-2-1 method, however I also had great succes going 3-2.5-.5 and putting the sauce on during the last 30 minutes. Just my way.
  3. Thanks..I'll give it a try. I just read the page about it and the temp they recommend is 172'..
  4. I think that is the meat temp though, not the cooking chamber temp. If beef gets to 155* to 160* internal you're ok.
  5. Yes, meat temp. The temp inside the smoker is recommended at the usual 225'

    I've just been itching to smoke something and it's been difficult since the monsoon storms have hit our area. They're unpredictable as to when they're coming. Dust storms suck to cook in. Makes meat very crunchy [​IMG]
  6. Try it at 210* to 215* and you'll get less juice evaporation. I also mop mine before I wrap them in the foil. Yeah, we're getting massive thunder and lightning storms here every afternoon around 4-5 ish.
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    When I do the Beefies, sometimes I foil, sometimes I dont. And I always go by looks. If I foil, I pull them after the've pulled back about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch (2.5 - 3 hrs). Spritz with aj and wrap them up for about 2 - 2.5 hrs. Then unwrap, sauce, on again to thicken or firm up the sauce.

    Good luck.
  8. Yup, also, I try to use a BBQ sauce with a low sugar content because the suger tends to burn if you're not careful.
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    So true! I you dont foil, as FlaGriller said, make sure you use a low suger sauce/rub. The ribs will still be very tender and good, but the rub will carmelize too much and they'll blacken. Tends not to impress those who have to eat them. [​IMG]
  10. Ok..We're off and running!

    Ribs are de-membraned and rubbed. Sitting in the fridge until about 1100 hours my time. Got these ribs in a Hispanic market and they cut their ribs weird. But, they're beef ribs and real tasty..

    Pic #1 Naked
    Pic #2 Rubbed

    (I like talking dirty) [​IMG]

    More pics later...
  11. I am constantly on the look out for good beef boned/spare ribs at our local WD. Their racks are always poor, but these 4 to 5 individually packed ribs always look good. Found two packs today with $4.23 on them, then had a $2.00 off coupon on both. Snatched them up. I put them in a pan and lather them in Mojo Criollo overnight. In the morning into an aluminum pan on on the smoker.
    As stated you do not have to do beef ribs as long. I find around 3 1/2 hours at 200 to 225 does just fine. Beef ribs will never go in the crock pot again. [​IMG]
  12. Here's some Q View for ya'll...

    Beef ribs.. yummmmm

    Pic #1 In the smoker 1 hour
    Pic #2 Finished and ready to eat..
  13. They look scrumptous Redneck. Never saw ribs cut like that before. Make it easier to eat I guess.
  14. I guess it's a Hispanic thing. But, they're beef and they were really good. Especially at .59/lb [​IMG]
  15. Holy smokes! I can't even buy bones for that price!
  16. If anyone's ever driving on I-75 East of Tampa, there's a great BBQ joint you can visit.
    Jaymer has awesome huge Texas Beef Ribs.
    They only have them fresh off the smoker on Fridays, but they can also heat up a rib for you if you call.

    He uses a choice chuck short rib.
    Back ribs have no meat on them.
    And I've never liked the flavor of the ribs that get cut off a bone-in prime rib. Its hard to see the scale from the pics posted in this thread - They don't look as big as the ones we get.
    The chuck short ribs are huge and very meaty.

    They cook for 7-8 hours - me and my husband love them.


    (PS - its actually in Valrico FL, in the Bloomingdale subdivision, but more people know about Brandon by name)

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