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  1. I would like to smoke beef ribs for the first time this weekend if I can find them and need some advice.

    Can you smoke the short type ribs, the ones that are only about 3" long?

    If I can find the plate ribs, 6" long bones in a slab  how much per person before any trimming?
    Do you serve large beef ribs with a sauce?

    Thanks for any advice

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    Dale, I'll offer what I can. 

    Can you smoke short ribs, about 3" long with about 1 1/2" to 2" of meat on top of the bone.  Absolutely.  I only have two beef rib options in my area; short ribs and beef spare ribs.  The beef spare ribs are really only good for making a dog happy.  Not much meat at all and a lot of bone.  I do buy short ribs regularly now and smoke them.  They usually come 5 or 6 to a package, about 2 lbs per package.  I usually get two packages, dry brine them for 2-4 days with a "Light" sprinkling of Montreal Steak Seasoning, then smoke them at 225-250 until the internal temp registers 200-205F and a probe slides right in with no resistance. My wife and I will get 2 dinners each, plus I also get 2 lunches out of them, so six servings total.   

    Pick out short ribs that have mostly meat.  Some can be just about all fat.  Avoid those. 

    I don't eat mine with sauce.  My wife does. 

    I can only get the 6" slab from a local butcher who charges too much.  If I could get them for the same price as the short ribs, about $5 / lb, I'd prepare them the same way as the short ribs. 

    In the pic below I used a drip pan in my smoker.  Often, I don't.  No difference in smoke time or results. 

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  4. Thanks for the help guys. Going to Costco this morning to see what I can find.

    New to this site and found out yesterday how to search for  a subject. Found lots of info on beef ribs.

  5. The problem around here is you can't find them with any meat on them, 

    When Bone in rib roast go on sale I usually buy several and when I get ready

    to smoke a Prime Rib I usually cut them off leaving a lot of meat


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