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    Ok what's the deal. They look amazing but I'm still trying to pick them out of my teeth. Even wrapped something I never do. One rack bones fell out. Still tuff and grisaly. Dogs are good.
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  3. bishgeo

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    Sorry to hear your Beef Ribs experience was non-spectacular, sounds like a good deal for your dogs though.

    Can you tell us a little more about the cook?
    Dry brine and/or rub, cooking temp, times, smoke, braise time, braise liquid, finishing IT?

    Sounds like maybe that Select quality rating was Select - or maybe should've been Standard -.
    Rib bones look to be pretty flat/wide, muscle fibers look pretty coarse and lots of large deposits of yellow fat.
    All indicative of lower quality meat, probably some old beef critter that made it past 2.5-3.5yrs of age.

    Try a better quality and a different cut of ribs next time, apparently these were some pretty poor Beef Back Ribs.
    Find either IMPS/NAMP 123 Beef Plate Short Ribs or 130 Beef Chuck Ribs.

    ETA: That is a weird greenish tinge in the last pic of it sliced.
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