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Discussion in 'Beef' started by d-train, Apr 12, 2014.

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    Happy Saturday gents. I have caught the urge to try slow smoking some beef ribs. I have never done them before, never ate them for that matter. I have seen pics of really tasty looking beef ribs that's are ginormous, something that looks like it came off a T-Rex! So here's my questions:

    What cut is this that are so huge?

    Are they the best for slow smoking and are they readily available at most grocery butchers?

    What is the best cut for smoking

    What is a good price for beef ribs? Per lb.

    Thanks for the info. I called Reasors (local grocery store with really good meat) for beef back ribs. He said they have some but it's not a normal item and they go for $8.99 per/lb!!!! Seems really pricey to me! And help/guidance is GREATLY appreciated!
  2. hambone1950

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    The big ones are back ribs , I believe.

    To me , they are not readily available anywhere except a butcher shop. My supermarkets that I go to only have them at the holidays when prime rib is popular like Xmas and Easter

    All beef ribs are good smoked . You will probably find short ribs with decent meat on them at most grocery stores and they are seldom cheap. But "bang for the buck" - wise , they are probably your best bet. UNLESS you get lucky and find some big back ribs with decent meat on them. There is nothing better on gods green earth.
    Prices can be all over the place. When my supermarket has back ribs they are frequently $2.50 a lb , but they tend to be skimpy , so you have to buy a bunch of them....and the meat you do get off them is heavenly.
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  3. Believe it or not I buy my beef ribs at Wal-Mart. The are nice. I pull the skin off the back. Salt , pepper, rosemary and thyme. That lets the beef taste shine.
  4. waterinholebrew

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    Check with your local butcher, I have a great butcher about 6 miles from me and we're on a first name basis... He's always been able to get me access to just about anything ! Just my 2 cents!
  5. daveomak

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    Beef short ribs..... they come 4 or 5 ribs to the front quarter.... depends how the butcher cuts them.... they are right behind the front leg and next to the brisket... I like them smoked and cooked until the meat pulls back about an inch... well done is almost a must... otherwise they can be very tough..... I warm smoke for an hour or two (140 ish) then increase the temp to 275 to help render the fat.... Put a drip pan under them..... fair amount of fat.... They are my fav. hunk of beef to eat... well, a good rib steak is very good too... I like salt and pepper with a little garlic and onion... don't want to mask the beef flavor too much..... a touch of mesquite to the other wood adds a very good touch.... mesquite is good with beef....

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  6. d-train

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    So is $8.99 pretty standard for beef back ribs?
  7. daveomak

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    Somewhere close to that price....

    I wait until they are in the "DAY OLD" bin at 50% off.... that happens about once per year.... HAHAHAHA..... and that is usually the short ones that are cut about 4" long... I got real lucky when I bought those..... first time ever full length at 50% off.....
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  8. hambone1950

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    yeah , like Dave says , that's in the ballpark. but if they are meaty , one of them is a meal if you have some filling sides , so its not outrageous per plate. serve them with garlic mashed spuds and a big ol ear of corn.    get you some nice crusty French bread too. a nice beer or a glass of full bodied red (like cabernet.)...  WOOF!
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  9. d-train

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    Got some at Wally World. Should I leave the rack as is or cut them to individual ribs? "Jeff" recommends cutting them...
  10. daveomak

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    I think they stay moist when in a rack like in the pick.... Like a rack of lamb or standing rib roast.... Those, above, were sure good.... Try them in one rack if you can get them that way..... If you like them next time, cut 1 rib off and cook it separate.... You can cook 2 ways.... 4 in a bunch and 1 all alone.... May as well get the test out of the way without cutting them all up..... Take pics.....

  11. d-train

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    Little over an hour in. Getting some nice color. Baste or no baste?
  12. d-train

    d-train Fire Starter

    Finished product. Nice bark, good smoke. A bit salty. I didn't look at the packaging to see if they had been "enhanced" with a salt solution. I will definitely back off the salt in my spice rub next time. Didn't foil, just left them alone. Could have used 45 minutes in foil. All in all I'm pretty pleased for this being my first beef rib cook. Def learned some things and will improve next time.

  13. hambone1950

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    Boy , they look excellent. I've done the too much salt thing myself....little extra sauce will smooth them out. Nice goin
  14. Late to the party, but the Restaurant Depot around here sells beef short ribs for about $4-5 per pound for the racks with four bones, and $5-6 for the racks with three bones (which are bigger). They're sold in packs of four racks, and they usually cost around $75 a package for the smaller, $100 for the larger. Each rack feeds a couple hungry people, so you're looking at 8-10 servings in a four-pack. I usually take two, wrap in plastic and throw in the freezer. Oh, and despite the "short" in the name, these are massive dino bones.

    If you're planning on cooking beef ribs often, try to find someone with an RD membership who can get you in. Totally worth it just to be able to select whatever rack looks good and has good fat marbling. With a butcher you're taking whatever they give you, it'll probably cost more, and you may have to special order it.

    Short of that, your grocer may have short ribs cut into smaller cubes with the bone still on. Kroger, the grocer around here, does. It's actually a good way to get started or experiment with beef ribs without committing to the whole rack. They don't take nearly as long to make when cut up this way. (I started with the cubes and it took six hours. Now I spend about 10 hours smoking the racks, without wrapping in foil.)

    Here's a shot of my best work so far.


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