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    I had picked up a package of beef back ribs during all the grocery runs leading up to Christmas , and I decided to smoke them yesterday. They were a buck 77 per pound which is cheap , but realistically you're paying for a lotta bones.....but I like these. And one of the racks was fairly meaty.

    So , I made a batch of meatheads big bad beef rub from the amazing ribs site and I used that on one rack. The other I used A-1 rub which I like.

    It was a nice day here in the Boston burbs (about 40 degrees) but it was a little windy so I decided to set up in the garage to be out of the wind.

    i used a mix of briquettes and lump this time.....had a lot of tiny pieces in the bottom of that bag of frontier lump I bought a while back. I lined the bottom of the grate with briquettes , threw in a couple chunks of oak for smoke and then poured the lump on. I figured the briqs would keep all the tiny pieces from falling thru the grate.....threw a third of a chimney of lit on top and off we go.

    ok , I cooked these at 250 for about 4 hours total...The smoker cruised at 250 the whole time....I made a few minor vent adjustments along the way but nothing major. No water in the pan , just my foil wrapped fire brick for a heat sink.

    After about 3 hours I foiled these and put them back on for another hour. When I figured they'd had enough heat , I took them in and let them rest for a half hour....
    Here's the pre sauced pic....

    Post sauce pic.....

    Plated pic....served with some leftover garlic smashed spuds......

    These ribs were fantastic ! Smoky , beefy , meaty , not quite fall off the bone.
    both rubs were good , but I still like the A-1 the best. I sauced one rack with open pit(which is sweeties fave) and the other got slapped with some HEB brand beef sauce from Texas and that was very good...had a nice sneaky little burn to it.
    I had these leftover today for lunch and they tasted even better ! Probably because I wasn't all wound up about trying to cook them right and deal with the smoker too , but they were really nice.
  2. Look great! My wife and I love a nice rack of beef ribs. Plus they are fun to eat with the giant rib bones. [​IMG]
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    Thanks , brother. Happy new year. :grilling_smilie:

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