Beef Ribs?! EDITED: NOW Q-View In Progress!! (with some pulled pork as well)

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  1. Ok so a friend gave me these beef ribs to smoke, I decided to have a huge bbq (since he gave me something close to 8 pounds or something.) and they were still wrapped in butchers paper. Little old me who does about 95% pork smoking thought these rectangular packages were little cut down racks of ribs. I opened them up tonight to thaw for tomorrow and much to my suprise I find 4 or 5 of these bundled up in each pack. 

    So what I need to know is.....what the heck are these? lol Are these what people call short ribs? they look like someone took a rack of ribs and just cut it into sections like if you cut pork ribs the long way, so you have a bunch of little bones. Either way, what do I do with these? just smoke as normal but they wont take as long? Im thinking of doing a sort of 3-2-1 type thing. Please let me know I will check on here in the AM hopefully I will have some advice from you pros. Also what do you recommend for seasoning on these guys? I know a lot of people like just S&P. Thanks in advance and either way I will add Q-view as the day rolls on tomorrow, also doing some pulled pork with a "rib end roast". I think it might be a bone in Loin section but Im not sure I wish grocery butcher sections would figure out a standard naming system for these things everybody calls everything something annoying.
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    Those are most commonly known as "flanken" and, as you said, it is the cross sections of beef shoulder ribs.  If you put them all together you can see where he could have done them the opposite - cutting down each whole rib vs. across.  The other way is preferable in one sense, this way (flanken) is also good too as it exposes more cross grain cut, making them more tender to eat.  If they were separated and about 3 times as thick, they'd be classic short ribs, left whole they'd be long ribs.

    Do them like any beef ribs, they will shrink as they cook so don't overcook them, but enough to get them tender, 2-2-1.  

    The pork is rib end roast, right next to the shoulder butt.  Is it a whole roast or cut in half, like half a pork chop?   5 or more ribs?  The larger end is like a butt, the smaller end is leaner, harder to pull.

    Love to see finished pics and comments!
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     I wish grocery butcher sections would figure out a standard naming system for these things everybody calls everything something annoying.

    I feel the same way . The different part of the country has different names 

    I wonder if some of pros or chefs can make a cross reference chart or something and make it a sticky
  4. Pops, thanks so much you have been a HUGE help, Ill get those bad boys going around noon. Any advice or opinion what you like on your Beef Flanken Ribs?  And here is a pic of the pork roast, all dressed up and ready to go since last night. 

    Sorry a little blurry, could not get the camera to focus. 
  5. Ok we are something around 2 hours in and here is how the pork is looking. Another hour, maybe 2 and Ill throw the ribs on!

  6. Ok so Im impatient lol. And because when I smoke it has a tendancy to take longer than expected I decided to throw my ribs on now. Plus I figure worst case scenario they sit in foil in the cooler and just get better while I wait. So here they are rubbed and going on. 

    My Pork is looking pretty good too. Im thinking after maybe 4 or 5 hours, around noon or a little after I am going to foil the pork with maybe some apple juice we will see, and leave that in the smoker for a while. When I do pulled pork it tends to not get as tender as I want, and this is not the ideal cut so even the more so I want all the help I can get. Plus the more I fil things and the sooner, the sooner I will get foiling juices to make my bbq sauce. I like to take those juices and reduce them down to real thick and use that as a base and then stretch it out and make it a sauce with ketchup and additional seasonings. More pics will come soon!  
  7. Ok heres another progress report. (Hey Im sitting around tending the BBQ and thats it I need something to occupy me! lol) I have foiled my VERY lovely, bark covered dark piece of pork heaven and placed it back in the smoker. The ribs are looking good but some are still kind of light and lacking a crisp so I moved them around a little. After I have some lunch and around 1:30 or 2 I am going to wrap all the lovely ribs up in foil and put that back on. I think I will leave the foiled packages on until about 3 or 4 and then Im going to drain off all the juices for sauce making, wrap the meat back up and place into the cooler to relax. Heres what it looks like now. 

    Man I wish I could post the smell for you guys!! lol
  8. Yummy...
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    One word:

  10. I failed you all once again of the final pics....[​IMG]

    Seems like I always feel rushed when Im finalizing the food and I forget the pics of it all done. I hope the pics here do justice, and I will try again next time. 
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    They look really good!
  12. I was fairly impressed, And I had friends taking bones off of others plates to literaly chew any remaining meat and cartalige off to friend litterally licked the pulled pork bowl clean.....I think it was a success. LOL!!! More Q-view to come in the next week or so I have been informed by the crew I am doing pulled pork again ASAP lol.

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