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Discussion in 'Beef' started by kfactor, Oct 8, 2014.

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    I want to try some jerkey this weekend for the second time first time was horrible . What cut of meat do u guys use and what temp I have a side fire box smoker
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    Well, someone might be along soon to help that has done jerky in a SFB. I'm a dehydrator jerky maker and that suits me just fine what with the price of beef these days and me not wanting to toss out 5 #'s of jerked crap. I would suggest beef that is not marbled or to fatty, which can turn rancid. London Broil, eye of round, round steak are all decent choices especially if on sale. Freeze almost solid and slice about 1/8 inch thick. Some say against the grain, some go with the grain....all depends on your teeth IMO. I sometimes get jerky meat from Wal-Mart called a Milano cut...very thinly sliced and often on sale. I always use cure since I like to jerk at lower temps...130'ish rather than the 160+ suggested by many. I want dry, pliable jerky...not cooked meat so I go with a lower temp. I admire your determination to try again in a SFB...I understand temps are hard to control. HTH, Willie
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    Chef Willie has you covered on this one!!!
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  4. I personally have only been able to get the "cooked" type of jerky, what I do is buy an eye of round, slice it into 1/3"-1/2" squarish strips (down the length of the eye of round" then marinade in whatever I have lying around. Typically I buy a bottle of "very yeri teriyaki" from the grocery store, throw in a teaspoon of cure and marinade up to 5 lbs of jerky with that for over a day.  Then hot smoke to my hearts content.

    This works for me because I like big chewy jerky chunks and one strip is usually enough meat for a decent snack.
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    As much $ Trish spends on that packaged crud , I need to start doing her some fresh.[​IMG]

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