Beef, It's what's for dinner.

Discussion in 'Beef' started by guruatbol, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. Well, here we go again.  More ribs in the MES 30.  I am using Apple pellets since I seem to be out of everything else.  I have got to get my stand built so I can have a good place to keep a stock of what I use.

    Anyway, I pulled three racks out and thawed them.  Cut them up and trimmed the fat.  I am starting to get really irritated at the beef processors that cut nearly all the meat off the bones!  This should just be illegal!

    I rubbed them with Jeff's rub.  My wife really likes it.  I used to use KC Masterpiece BBQ rub and since buying Jeff's I haven't purchased any more.  We have another one we got off the internet that we like, but on beef ribs we like Jeff's best.

    After they came to room temp into a 150* smoker with Apple pellets.  I am into it for about 2.5 hours now and the potatoes are in the smoker too.

    I'll take it all off in about an hour or so and on to the gas grill it will go and then I'll post the Qview.  We have 5 more racks in the freezer to eat up and ribs are our favorite.

    I have got to find a source for ribs that have more meat on them.  I wish I knew who the major processors were so I could write some letters.  I think they would be money ahead if the left more meat and sold them for more money.  I get tired of buying fat and bone!

  2. OOOPS, I put them on the gas grill to finish them with sauce and burned them.  then I forgot to take pics.

    They tasted good anyway.  next time I'll get pics.  The dogs liked the bones anyway.


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