Beef & eggplant curry.

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    Bit hard here be as it sinks in that 36 Aussies died in the Malaysia Airline disaster in the Ukraine. Fairly big ripple effect as the stories of the deceased come to light.
    I cooked a Malaysian beef & egg plant curry,opened a pair of good red wines & was grateful for what I have.
    We drank a bottle of Kirrihill estate Shiraz 2002 ,got to get out & find the 2012, outstanding . Saw no reason to stop there so opened a bottle of Spinefex GSM 2007.
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  2. Hi Mick and what a beautiful post!

    That sounds delicious - eggplant especially as I adore it - and your wine match sounded lovely, and yes, this airplane business is beyond horrific and sad.

    ERGO: That's why the people like you who "hold the plane up" in life, (with shared sensational food/mood recipes and energy), make such a difference!

    Thank you for this post! It's absolutely wonderful!

    Cheers! - Leah
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    Asked Linda what she wanted for dinner in. "Can you cook a beef curry? Youknow the really old style ones ?"
    So I busted that out.Used couple of habanero in my paste, cubed chuck steak. Back in the old country it was probably water buffalo. It was a great curry,Malaysian only because that's the curry powder I had. They have to cook low & slow it's not stir fry with curry sauce!
  4. How fun!

    I love her requests from the master Chef, and love how you can just whip them right off!

    You two are amazing!!!!!!! And this dish is too!!!

    Cheers! - Leah

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