Beef "Dino" Ribs (From My Last Prime Rib Score)

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    Beef "Dino" Ribs (From My Last Prime Rib Score)

    These are from the last batch of Christmas sale Choice Prime Ribs I got.
    I had them leave at least an inch of extra meat on the bones when they were removed, so I could have some Awesome Ribs.
    I vacuum packed them as soon as I got them home, and kept them together in my meat freezer until Tuesday.
    Then I thawed them out and Prepped them Wednesday, & Smoked them Thursday for Supper.

    There wasn’t all that much to do, but I’ll give a little Step by Step on it to make it worthy of my “Step by Step Index” page.

    Day #1 (Prepping Ribs):
    Remove from Vacuum packs, Rinse, Pat Dry, apply Worcestershire “Thick”. Note: Name changed to Lea & Perrins Bold Steak Sauce".
    Then coat with Sea Salt, CBP, Garlic Powder, and Onion Powder.
    Wrap each piece with plastic wrap, and put in fridge over night.

    Day #2 (Smoking Day):
    10:00AM——————Preheat MES 40 to 230°. Also Fill 1 Row of AMNPS with Hickory Pellets, and light pellets.
    10:15AM——————Unwrap Rib pieces & place all on one MES 40 Grill Rack.
    10:30AM——————Put full rack of Ribs on second position in MES 40.
    10:30AM——————Place smoking AMNPS on bars to the left of chip burner assembly in bottom of MES 40.
    1:30 PM——————Stack all Ribs in foil pan, add Foil Mixture *, cover with Foil, and return to second position in smoker.
    1:30 PM——————Remove AMNPS, and Reset Heat to 240°.
    4:15 PM——————Shut MES 40 down, and remove Pan of Ribs from Smoker, and take to kitchen.
    4:30 PM——————Uncover, Separate Ribs individually, plate, take pics, add sides, take pics, Sit down & Eat.

    * Foil Mixture:
    6 ounces of Apple Juice
    2 ounces of Worcestershire “Original”.
    2 ounces of Ken’s Honey Teriyaki Marinade.
    Mix well——Then heat to between 150° and 200° before adding to Foil Package.

    The adding of the extra 1” of meat to the bone side when trimming the bones off the Prime Ribs really paid off, because these were easily the best Ribs We’ve ever had. I can’t wait to start on the leftovers later today.

    Hope You All Enjoy My Pictures.

    Thanks for looking,

    This is where these Ribs came from.
    They are in the two outer packages, and they were trimmed off the 5 Prime Rib Roasts in the middle of the picture.

    Here you can get a good look at how much meat is on these Ribs:

    This is all the seasonings I used:

    First a good amount of Worcestershire “Thick” on each:

    Spread that Worcestershire “Thick” around real good:

    Then a coating of CBP, Sea Salt, Garlic Powder, and Onion Powder:

    All wrapped in plastic wrap, and put in fridge until Smoking Time:

    All laid out on rack, ready for Smoker:

    As we go out to the smoker, we see there’s only a little snow left on this April 2, 2015:

    After 3 hours of Hickory Smoke, ready to be foiled:

    Fresh out of smoker with foil removed:

    Two plates of individually sliced Beef "Dino" Ribs:

    Close shot of Left plate:

    Close shot of Right plate:

    Bear’s First Helping:

    Leftovers in fridge——More to come in near future—MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm…………..

    That’s All Folks!!

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  2. Now that is some Beef Ribs Meaty Juicy and nicely smoked.  You Can't get any better that that. Another great job by the Bear.  If it wasn't so dang far I'd drive up and help him eat those things.

    Good Job My Friend .

    [​IMG][​IMG]  [​IMG]

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  3. c farmer

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    Looks awesome.  [​IMG]     [​IMG]

    Next time give a little warning, I can be there.   [​IMG]  
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  4. chef willie

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    now that's beef rib that I would eat....Willie
  5. welshrarebit

    welshrarebit Master of the Pit

    Looks great as usual Bear!!!


    Btw, I was going nuts trying to find thick worstey and finally had to google it. They changed the name from "Thick" to "Bold." Just a heads up...
  6. ryno21

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    Nice lookin bones Bear!!!! Always look forward to your smokes! [​IMG]
  7. tropics

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    Bear they do look good I am probably sinnin, just thinking of what I could do to them. Good Fri no meat here.

  8. bear55

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    That's some good eats there Bear.

  9. sqwib

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    Holy Chit bear. Pic #2 put me in a meat coma.
    I think its cruel you post this on Good Friday... lol.
    You Da PR man for sure. Wish I was your neighbor..
    How da hell do you give points from the phone????
  10. bearcarver

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    Thanks A Bunch Gary!!

    Twas finally warm enough for this old Bear to venture out to the Smoker!!

    Thanks Adam!

    I cut all the meat off them bones this afternoon----Sammy time coming up shortly!!

    Thanks for the Points too, Gary & Adam!!

  11. Dang Bear! Those look mighty good!
  12. waterinholebrew

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    Lookin good Bear... Thumbs Up That's some real nice ribs ! Thumbs Up


    Wait for me, I'am on my way.... Save me a place at the table ! :biggrin:
  13. rmmurray

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    Wow bear, those look fantastic! Your presentations and step-by-steps are always the best.
  14. bearcarver

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    Thanks Willie!!

    Tasty it is.

    Thank You Rarebit!!

    Yup---I always forget to mention that they changed the name to "Lea & Perrins Bold Steak Sauce".

    We still have an unopened bottle of "Thick", because Mrs Bear noticed it was getting scarce a couple years ago, and bought all she could find.

    I gotta go put that change in my OP---Right now!!

    Thanks for the Point too!!

  15. Only suggestion I could make that would even make them better is --------------------------------  If they were sitting on my table and me getting ready to eat them

  16. seenred

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    Mmm...Nice! Them's some tasty lookin' bones Bear!  You shoulda put a "Drool Alert" in the thread title!  



  17. sota d

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    Wow, those look incredible Bear! I've only done beef back ribs and they were scrawny compared to these! Great job. Thanks for another fantastic Qview, David.
  18. dukeburger

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    Goodness... [​IMG]

  19. aceoky

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    Awesome job & pictures!

  20. b-one

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    Tasty looking beef ribs!!

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