Beef curry.

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    Its getting hot here & the spring time events are on.Sculpture by the Sea a great Sydney event won by an American this year. The Spring Horse Racing carnival with the Melbourne Cup on the 4 th November when most of the country takes the day off ,huge crowds at the beaches on the week ends .

    Its weather for Asian food. This is my go to meat curry.Back in Malaysia it was just as likely water buffalo as beef.

    I have galangal,kaffir lime leaf & curry leaf in the garden .

    I buy beef chuck on the bone The old school Italians buy it for ragu so its always in the market.

    I will make it then sit it overnight .Eat it over monday tuesday nights ,rice ,steamed greens.
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    Sounds great Mick! Now where's the pictures???? Wish I could grow those plants here!
  3. moikel

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    Bash to a paste,2 x thumb size bits of ginger,same of galangal,6 cloves of garlic, 2 fingers of turmeric & a large habanero chilli.

    Cut chuck steak into biggish cubes.

    Fry in peanut oil until brown,remove.

    Fry large red onion in pan then add paste cook gently for a couple of minutes,then add a solid 2 tabs of Malaysian curry powder. I stand by Baba's best I have found.Green packet for meat,yellow for seafood.

    Stir that around don't let it burn return meat to pan add a can of that coconut water drink,& a can of coconut milk.

    Give it a good stir leave it simmer gently for 2 hours.

    When its close you then add eggplant,curry leaf & lime leaf. Cook for another 30 minutes.

    Instead of stove top you can put it in the oven.I am using a cast iron dutch oven style of pan for that reason.
  4. moikel

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    My mate Paul 6 ft 2'' in front of a sculpture of a breaching whale carved totally from native hard wood(spotted gum). 

    I will leave curry leaf until well into process ,its a very South Indian,Sri Lankan ingredient it can be a bit strong .So its taste first.

    Sydney is warmer year by year,mango tree around the corner covered in flowers.

    Kaffir lime is grafted onto lemon stock they grow really well here, all that ginger family go great once it warms up. 
  5. Your food, as always, looks so damn good! And that giant pestle grinding thing??? I am impressed! And great photo of your mate there too!

    Your posts are fantastic! Cheers! - Leah
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    Wandering somewhat of topic this is Sculpture by the Sea.

    Every year for about 14 days.Arranged on the cliff top walk,the parks & the beaches between Bondi & Tamarama. Largest outdoor sculpture exhibition in the world .Now in its 18th year.Its free. 109  pieces many placed in by crane. Won this year by Peter Lundberg from USA  he also won in 2012. 

    You can google it & heaps of photos come up from various years.Wonderful setting,iconic Bondi Beach then winds its way along the cliff tops with pieces woven into the sandstone landscape,then a park that looks straight out to sea then more cliff top then Tamarama which is millionaires row.

    I digress but its a great thing! Back to food. 

    Thats my big Thai mortar & pestle ,granite,I bash smaller amounts of things in it,curry paste,wet rubs etc.

    Season changing here so my cooking will lighten up.I intend to do more seafood & more grilling. Its hot must have been 28 at the beach.
  7. moikel

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    Back on track,thats it.

    Curry really benefits from a night in the fridge.

    One eggplants cut into cubes into the curry another can of coconut water so it didn't get to thick.Cook until the eggplant is done.You could sub okra if that suited you.

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  8. So beautiful!!!! Cheers! - Leah

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