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Discussion in 'Beef' started by matt r, Nov 15, 2014.

  1. I have a Beef Chuck Shoulder roast, about 6-8 pounds. I have it marinating and plan to slather it with Mustard and then a rub. Goes into the smoker tomorrow at 225 and when it hits IT of 190 I plan to pull it and let it rest.

    Ive heard anything from 6 hours to 20 hours for this cut. Does anyone have any insight as to how long this might take? I don't have an AMNPS yet, and if Im looking at a 20 hour smoke its gonna be tough.

  2. oldschoolbbq

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    Matt, you should cook to temp. and just use time as a focal point. The time for a Chuck @ 8lb. , lets say it takes 1hr/lb or even1.5hrs/lb ,it will be done in 8 to 12 hrs. , but keep the temp. in mind. Fat and connective tissue are what causes stalls. 

    IMHO , it should take appox. 6hrs.@225*F , but watch the therm. for IMT.
  3. superdave

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    10 to 20 degrees seems to make hours of difference.  If you go up to say 250, you are looking at 7 to 10. 
  4. thanks guys, so if I smoke at 250, I can cut the time drastically. Smoke at 250 with Pecan to an IT of 195
  5. stickyfingers

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    Rest it for 2 hours..cooler or towels ...or both. 
  6. I will, sir. Probably both. Hmmm...instead of a cooler, could you use an oven? Just curious.
  7. IT of 195. foiled her, wrapped in a blanket, and gonna let her rest easy in a cooler for 3-4 hours. Bark is hard and crunchy, and Im hoping the meat is soft and juicy.
  8. FAIL!!!

    This was awful. DRY, Shoe leather. I took it out at 195, foiled and put in cooler with a blanket. What did I do wrong?

    Should I have taken it out earlier??

  9. stickyfingers

    stickyfingers Smoking Fanatic

    Sorry it didn't turn out! Seems like you had a good plan. I'm curious as to your starting product. Did it have plenty of marbling? I have a post about a chuck roast -check it out maybe it will help you.
  10. Thanks Sticky. Im going to check out your post and give it another shot. In hindsight, I may not have had the optimum cut here. I dont remember seeing a lot of marbling.

    I think that my errors were as follows:

    1. meat was not fatty enough

    2. though it seemed dry, it appears that I didnt cook it long enough. IT of 195 may have been to low.

    next time remove at IT205

    3. Next time I will foil at IT 165
  11. stickyfingers

    stickyfingers Smoking Fanatic

    Yeah, I would have to agree. Didn't go long enough. Chucks seem to need a little higher (205-208) temp to break down. Hey, we learn.

    Happy smokin'! Looking forward to seeing your next chuckie!!
  12. smokeymoake

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    I'm not an expert but made my first chuck roasts last week. They were great.

    Everybody has different methods with good results. What worked for me was to start with a fatty cut. I smoke till 150 int at 230 or so then foil to 200. That foiling seems to speed things up and holds in the moisture. Then poke it in a couple of spots. Should poke effortlessly.

    Here is a link to my chuck roasts cook
  13. flash

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    Foil mine also take it to 205 but I am pulling mine. Remember too there are several types of Chucks out there. I fine the underblades and 7 bone work best for me. Usually wrap around 160 to 170 and add a little beef broth to the foil. Always come out juicy.

  14. Looks delish!! Im gonna give it another shot this weekend...dont know what Im smoking, but Im Smoking!

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