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  1. Good Morning All,

    Here at Cash and Carry and the have good looking brisket (average 15 lbs) at $ 2.77lb. has anyone tried this for sausage? and if so any idea of the fat content one the big cap is removed?

    I need to make more sausage and beef sticks ASAP. normally I would use a chuck or top roast type cut, this would be a new one for me. I know ..... a brisket just belongs on an extended stay in the smoker but sometimes you just have to think out of the box. Any input would be helpful.

    Happy Smokin,

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    I have trimmed away over 30% from choice-grade whole packers when preparing them for corned beef pastrami, so I'd venture to say that the combined fat content of the point and flat muscles would be roughly 10% (the point is relatively high fat, while the flat is a far leaner muscle). If you don't separate the point/flat and trim away the fat layer between them, you could add another 3-4%, but if it were me, I'd trim that fat layer away and not grind it...there's some nasty, mushy, stringy stuff in there.

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    Buy the tube of ground chuck.... better deal.... Pure brisket doesn't even make good burger..... been there, horrible...
  4. this was just an experiment for one and now with the flats in my hands I see some "sweet" sandwiches in my near future. your numbers sound reasonable. I was guessing at a 30-40% waste after trimming and 10-20% for miscellaneous fat for the worst case so I think we are good. I have plenty of pork fat put up to work a fat ratio out to keep me at about 15%. so I ran thru a few cases and with (Mrs Oregon Smoker) (she happened to mention on the way that we did not need any more brisket) and found 4 that had the lightest caps and the leanest body , one was 12 1/2lb and the three were circling 15lbs.. these were not wholes that I would normally pick for what they are intended for however there was a dandy I found that is one of the nicest I've seen in a long time perfect in every way and 20-22lbs pre trim. [​IMG]  as I said with mama there you can send only so much under the radar LOL

    thank you for your info ! lets just see where this adventure takes us and will update,

  5. Quote:
    Dave,  I agree with the burger. I will be adding some pork and pork fat, my chalange will be to keep the total into the 15% range if possible. a little higher is OK but a lot higher will be the problem.[​IMG]

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    If I had used pork fat, it may have been OK but I used the brisket fat.... I don't care for the flavor of brisket flat....
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    Tom, yeah, now that Dave mentioned it, brisket fat in a mix can present you with a seasoning challenge, as the flavor can become strong, if not overwhelming, to some folks. Of course, blending in pork fat will tame it down if the ratio is acceptable. I have used brisket fat in a smoked/dried chicken salami recipe (lean-trimmed dark meat chicken with 17-18% brisket fat, with course meat and crumbed/fine fat grinds) that I developed several years ago, and family and friends rave about it...I literally could not make this recipe often enough to keep everyone happy, and I like it too. Maybe I'm fairly skilled at developing seasoning blends, or maybe I just got lucky and hit the bulls eye right out of the gate on this recipe, but it works well.

    Anyway, definitely take the flavor of the brisket fat into consideration, as it won't fit well with existing recipes using shoulder beef does change the overall flavor profile, and that is where the seasoning challenge begins. The flip-side is that the stronger flavor of the brisket meat, combined with an adequate seasoning blend, may be just the ticket. Probably not something for a typical/traditional style of sausage, but a whole new style you could call your own. I might just be game for it if I had the time to sit down and make it happen.

    So, now I probably got you thinkin'...should I go for it, or play it safe? [​IMG]

  8. I never use beef fat for an additive. there are only two uses for it , cut and throw away or render thru on a VERY long smoke in my opinion.

  9. Eric,

    I am old itilian so...... play it safe ?[​IMG]  not in the vocabulary so in reading your info (thank you) the beef will be stronger flavor (had not considered that) so the recommendation would be to beef up (no pun intended) the seasoning?


  10. forluvofsmoke

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    Ha-ha!!! That made my day!!! Brisket will be a stronger flavor for a sausage mix than most other cuts, and brisket fat will step it up a bit more. I would probably toss a small batch together with whatever you're wanting to try for a recipe and see where it goes...never know 'til you give it a shot. The flavor might just be what your looking for, but just in case it isn't, you won't have 50lbs or more to try to consume or pawn-off on someone you don't like...LOL!!!

    If it's a traditional recipe you're going to do, it won't taste the same, but, you might like it even more. If it doesn't quite make the grade, you can tweek the seasoning for another batch.

  11. the sausage was made with ground beef from our cow and well trimmed pork shoulder. But with the sticks (19mm) I went ahead and trimmed a brisket real well and ended up with 10lbs of well trimmed brisket. made 5lbs of peppered sticks and 5lbs of hot sticks. the flavor of the beef was fine (not over powering) but the time to trim was way out of line even for the cost savings....lesson learned[​IMG]. this results in two freed up briskets....wonder were they will go [​IMG]????

    just the update,

    Here is both ready to hit the smoker, the summer sausage is from the cow and pork shoulder trimmed as stated above

    here is the brisket sticks 100% ready to hang in the smoker

    now the first cut after resting...

    and now sliced,

    well received by all..... now just to get a little more balanced of the ingredients when mixing.

    Keep On Smokin, [​IMG]

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    OS, fine looking sausage ! [​IMG]
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  13. Thanks CM !!

    this is a combination of of posted recipes seeing what was common then we tweaked it for flavor to our liking, then had to work out the softer texture issue and that where we are. we had adjustment due to extra moisture from the jalapeno (quantity) I think we are there, now it is just a matter of getting a more uniform even mix of the cheese and jalapeno with out over mixing the meat.

    I would be happy to share our current recipe with any one that wants to try it. this is full of flavor but not hot slap you in the back of the head heat FYI

    keep Smokin,

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    Not trying to highjack the thread, but wanted to mention 2 things.

    1. I will be using heavily trimmed brisket to make salami this weekend. (I also bought it from C&C at $2.77 lb.)  Probably 95% of the fat will come from pork cushion meat.

    2. Don't know if anyone watches Chopped!, but they had a Grillmaster competition a couple weeks ago, and one of the ingredients the competitors had to use was brisket fat ice cream.   I have no idea who came up with this idea, nor would I want to try any.  [​IMG]
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    Hi All

    Here in the NYC area there is a well known  meat supplier, that uses brisket as  one of his main ingredients in hamburger patties, along with chuck .From what I understand he supplies some of the better restaurants in NYC.

  16. all that tried the ice creme said it was horible and tasted very greasy as well. Not Everything Tastes Better With Pork Fat....[​IMG] Just Most Things...

  17. Beef Brisket Update,

    The beef brisket sticks turned out OK. they are just a touch dry. i might have trimmed it down too much. the next two batches will be 5lb each, (same amount of trimming) but adding 10% of pork fat one set from the denser fat (from the loin area) and the other from the belly (butter) fat. then the update on this mix.

    Keep on Smokin,

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    What else can one use besides animal fat to make sausages juicier?  I dont always have fat lying around.  What about olive oil?  Does it say in the meat or drip out while cooking?
  19. what type of meat are you planning on starting with? you should be able to get fat from the butcher/cutter where you get your meat. they typically send it out with the bones etc. if you ask them they might just give you some . I just tell my butcher to put 5 - 6 lbs aside for me of what ever pork fat I am looking for and the charge me .99lb.


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