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  1. alright need tips on this to

    it is a small brisket about 5 lbs

    so any  great ideas on the best way to prepare this and about how long it might take would be appreciated

    looking to smoke this early sunday morning for our family memorial weekend bbq


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    Here is a link to a "sticky" from Dutch several years ago.  I learned from it.

    I plan on doing mine this an IT of around 160* then put it into a foil pan...with foil on top...and let it go to around 190* to 195.....then a cooler nap. Strain the juices for a sauce.

    Good luck and show q-views!

  3. I don't know if this was the best forum for your question.  Maybe that's why no answers yet.  Anyway, Many people seem to like to use rubs.  Many good ones on the market.  Some rub and wrap and in fridge overnight, some just rub and cook.  Most people smoke around 200-225 temp..  Time is one of those things, as I'm sure you have read it's done when it's done.  For that size I would say 4-6 hrs. time.  Some take the IT to 165 and foil, some don't foil at all.   Then to 185-190 IT wrap in foil, wrap in towels and into a warm cooler for couple hrs. to rest before slicing.  I am old school so my way isn't important.  Use this as a guide and find what your family likes best.  Hope this helps and I hope you and your family have a GREAT day together.  And enjoy some good eats as well.  May we all remember our fallin brothers; Semper Fi.  Keep Smokin!

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