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Discussion in 'Beef' started by hoodoo operator, Aug 9, 2014.

  1. Smoking a 3 lb beef brisket flat, untrimmed. Have internal temp of 180 and meat feels good and tender so far but still about 4 hours till we eat due to scheduling issue!
    Can I foil the heck out of it and sauce inside, keep the smoker around 150 till then in your opinions?? Plan on putting it back into 225 degree smoke and heat with no foil for last hour?
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  2. noboundaries

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    Poke it with a toothpick.  If it slides in like pushing it in room temp butter, it is done.  If not, keep smoking.  180 seems pretty low though but I have no idea how long you've been smoking the brisket and at what chamber temp.  I usually don't start poking until 195 to 200 IT.

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  3. Cool thanks. I'm not quite there yet then. Been smoking for about 3 hours now at 230ish, one I realized we weren't eating till 5 pm I realized I was going a bit quick. That's why I thought could foil and keep low heat for bit then uncover and finish last couple hours then?
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    Noboundaries give ya some great advise there ! Did ya hit he stall ? Just remember ya have to rest the brisket too..... My last brisket, after the toothpick test worked..... I wrapped in foil, couple towels & put in my cooler for a bout 3 1/2 to 4 hrs. Not saying ya have to rest that long but I'd at least rest 2 hrs.
  5. Hmmmm 180 seems way low for fall apart brisket.  I usually take mine to 202F.   Have you checked your probe accuracy?

  6. No I haven't checked the probe. I have left it on after this input, brought heat down for while and letting it reach 202 before I wrap and rest it.
  7. My other probe reads same, about 194.
  8. Any other tips?
  9. You can let it go to 200, pull it wrap in a couple old towels and stick it in a warm cooler. The temp will rise a few more degrees and have time for the juices to re-distribute. It should hold just fine for a few hours in the cooler.

    Gary S
  10. Awesome thanks all.
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    If ya need anything else, just ask...... Let us know how it turns out ! We like pics, lots of pics ! :biggrin:
  12. Well it was a bit hectic so no pics, but brisket, ribs and chorizo I smoked turned out great thanks to you all and your input. My daughter got her tonsils out recently and finally got to eat some solid food today... She LOVED the brisket and daddy is a hero now thanks to this forum! She's begging me to make them again soon.
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    With a Daddy-daughter story like that all is forgiven for no pics. Thanks for sharing the reward of why we all love smoking for our families. You win today's best in class "Awwww, thank you" award. Glad we all could help.

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