Beef Brisket in Electric Smoker

Discussion in 'Beef' started by dcoupe07, Jan 15, 2015.

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    Hello All, brand to new to this forum and also new to smoking. Iv'e been doing a lot of ribs and tri-tips recently trying out various rubs and techniques and have been really impressed with all of them, something about smoked food flavor gets me really excited not to mention the fun I have when I am smoking some meat. 

    Iv'e been wanting to branch out and try some other things I did a pork belly recently and I it was great but I mean it basically BACON so of course it tasted good haha. I want to do a beef brisket really badly iv'e got a basic idea for the rub my question is.

    Is smoking a beef brisket in an electric smoker a good idea? Iv'e been looking online and a lot of places are saying no, I was curious as to why that Is. Is it a temperature thing? 

    Also any tips would be very welcomed. Sorry in advance if this has been posted a thousand times.

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    Welcome to the forum...

    Doing a brisket in an electric smoker is absolutely doable. There have been and will be many arguments around which is better. I recently did my first brisket on a MES30 and it came out awesome...even the burnt ends were great. Technically, i think the main difference is that you wont get a smoke ring on an electric.

    Use the search function for tips on your brisket.... many many great minds of this forum have already offered their wisdom. I believe the key ingredient to brisket is patience....just leave it alone.

    Good luck and post pictures..or it didn't happen
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    awesome! thanks and definitely will post some pics when I do it.

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