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Discussion in 'Beef' started by lemans, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. lemans

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    So I have read everyone's post on smoking a brisket at 235 at wait through the stall wrapping it till 205.
    I did it and it came out great. But it was like 13 hours. Now I am reading a book by Myron Mixon and he says 350! In the smoker pull it at 170 and wrap but he says 4 -5 hours for 10 lb piece ..
    So .. Does that sound like it could work? I know low and slow. He says hot and fast.
  2. kcphilaflyer

    kcphilaflyer Fire Starter

    Different strokes for different folks.  You ask 10 people how they smoke brisket and you'll probably get 10 different answers.  It's whatever you like and works for you.

    I tend to fall in the middle, cook around 280 for 6 hours, wrap in foil another another 2 hours, let rest 2 hours and it's ready to eat.  I also separate the point/flat beforehand so that helps speed it up.

    I fall in with the camp that doesn't want to watch a piece of meat all night, get it on by 7am, it's ready to eat by 7pm at the latest.
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  3. lemans

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    I'm with you smoke the point longer
    So it's more well done and then cube it before it's served?
  4. kcphilaflyer

    kcphilaflyer Fire Starter

    Sometimes the point needs to stay on a bit longer, sometimes it is done around the same time.  While the flat is resting, I cube of the point sprinkle some more rub and sauce and put back on smoker for an 45 - 60 mins.  I think I may also start saving 1/2 the cubes and not rub/sauce and just keep as it, so good just freshly cut up.
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  5. lemans

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    Thank you can't wait to try it .. My first brisket
    Was the whole packer I trimmed it and smoked it 12 hrs but the point.. Well let's say
    It was slightly tough
  6. jay1340

    jay1340 Smoke Blower

    Can't understand a tough point, that's the fat meaty portion on top.

    The flat is VERY lean and usually what can get tough.

    Do you know if you had a right or left hand brisket?
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  7. lemans

    lemans Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Never heard of a left or right side what's the diff how can you tell?
  8. jay1340

    jay1340 Smoke Blower

    It's an OLD Texas BBQ joke. I was just funnin you. [​IMG]

    I know it's older than that date, because I heard it long ago. I think that's the 1st write up.

    Here you can harass anyone who doesn't know.

    Now I'm NOT joking!

    As for brisket, make sure before you buy it you grab it by one end then the other with the part not grabbed up. Flop it back and forth and see how flexible it is.

    The more fat marbling the better!

    Some people trim them a LOT. Some a Little. Some none. You'll have to experiment for yourself! A good guide is 1/4" thick or so. But there's a big ole hard piece of fat that I call the "Fat Knuckle." Cut that off, it doesn't break down real well.

    A LOT of people swear by separating the point from the flat, then cutting across the grain. Several BBQ joints here in Texas (yeah I keep saying Texas=the kings of brisket and beef) have you walk by the pit and you can watch them cut your meat which is pulled right out of the smoker. I 1st noticed when I went to Cooper's in Llano that he just pulled the brisket off the warming smoker with a big ole fork, had a big ole machete looking knife and started slicing, through the whole thing! No separating, no twisting, no turning, pulling it apart!! I asked him about it, answer I got "HOGWASH! If your briskets smoked right, just cut the damn thing!" I told him thanks and started paying attention at more places. If someone asked for lean or extra lean, they got cuts off the flat end where there's no point! If not they got cuts off the other end. i started trying it! Works for us!!! Give it a try.

    We (my girlfriend, friends & I) like the point (the top fat meaty portion the best! It's got the most flavor. The flat (lean long portion works well chopped in beef enchiladas, pot pies, casseroles.

    I'd always done my briskets to the stall (145*-175*) in the Texas crutch (Foiled). I was up in Rhode Island last summer and my Brother wanted a brisket. We literally drove all over the state to find one. Most they brought out I called steaks and the butchers got mad. he laughed. The only way I had to cook it was a disposable foil turkey pan thing, with a shake of liquid smoke, some water with a S&P rub, tented with foil. It came out great with the homemade chowdah and lobstahs!! I got home, girlfriend wanted brisket so I smoked it to Stall then put it in an old porcelain coated turkey roaster covered with foil to finish!!! It was awesome and I ended up with a quart and half of Au Jus!

    Good luck on your briskets!! Don't give up, you'll get it. Do small ones till you get it!

    Oh, I've ran them at 275*-300* and 210*-225* and in the middle, The biggest thing is consistent temp. If it starts high, run er high. If it starts low, run er low! Fluctuate and you'll be knawing on something about like my old boot!!!
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  9. lemans

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    Thanks jay. I walked right into that one... Lol
  10. aggie94

    aggie94 Smoking Fanatic

    It works for Mr. Mixon, he has been very successful.
  11. jay1340

    jay1340 Smoke Blower

    He's in Georgia. Don't cook or sell much Brisket here in Texas!
  12. crazyq

    crazyq Meat Mopper

    i cook everything hot and fast! 300 degrees. cook for 2, wrap till done whenever that is (every cut of meat cooks different). then in the cooler for about an hr or so. never had a problem and always tender as can be.

    i have cooked them both way HF and LS and HF works for me cause i don't want to wait on good food for over 12hrs. haha

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