Beef brisket attempt #3

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  1. To date, I have prepared 3 beef briskets.  The first time was many many years ago and was done on a weber kettle grill.  It was quite the ordeal to smoke.  The flavor was amazing, but the meat was very tough.  The second attempt was not long after I purchased the kamado grill.  It turned out very good, but I was still very unsteady with temperature management and the meat could have been a bit more tender.  

    This is the last brisket I made - about a year ago.  Picked up the meat from a local guy down in Charleston, about 17# prior to trimming.  In all honesty, I didn't really know what I was doing when I started to trim it up, but the results were still pretty good.  The rub was a 1:1 mixture of kosher flake style salt and fine ground black pepper.  The kamado was kept between 240-260 and it ended up going around 15 hours or so until it felt like it was done (unwrapped) - I believe the temp was 197.  I pulled it off, wrapped in foil and towels, put in the cooler for a few hours until it was time to slice.  Overall, I was very pleased with this brisket - the bark held up extremely well and it held up perfectly to the pull test.  I've been looking for sources of seasoned oak wood to use to try and get a little more smoke on the meat.  Im looking forward to the next one already.

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    Third time must be the charm, looks outstanding!

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