Beef Brisket 12 lb.Sam's Club special: My first

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  1. Every time I am at Sam's Club I have to head to the meat section and see what they have available that I can smoke that I have not done before!  Well, this time I was drawn to a 12 lb. boneless beef brisket!  I always like to buy the meat race home place it in the refrigerator and hop on to find out everything I need to know to find success in my new smoking endeavors!  Lots of information here on cuts of meat, time, temperature, types of woods, and of course the AMAZEN smoker!  I just received this little smoker and used it this time and I am sold on this product in my MES 40'.

    So, here is a picture of the brisket a few minutes in the smoke!


    So, as you can see I did not remove the fat cap and decided to put this big boy in fat cap up without any rub!  Why?  Well, as I read through the forum it was a matter of choice and not many said there was a considerable difference.  However, it was much easier to remove the fat when it was already cooked!  There are some posts here that will give you step by step directions in separating the flat and point cuts from the brisket.  Mine fit right in the smoker so I decided to leave whole! 

    I placed the brisket in the smoker at 225 degrees with PEACH wood at 7:00 p.m..  Why peach wood, well I just wanted a hint of smoke and have never used peach and I wanted to give it a try.  If you look real close you can see the AMAZEN smoker in the picture above filled with 11 hours of light blue peach smoke.   12 hours later I my IT was at 162 degrees so I decided to cut the brisket in half and remove the fat cap and foiled both cuts with a little beef broth.  One cut I used beef broth and a little brown sugar and bourbon! 

    I left the brown sugar bourbon cut of meat open and switch from peach pellets in the AMAZEN smoker to cherry chuck's in the regular MES smoker tray.  After 12 hours the top was already at 190 degrees I assume either because my smoker throws some uneven heat or all of the fat cooked faster leaving the meat underneath tender as it pulled apart.   I pulled this one out at 185 and let is rest in the cooler for 4 hours.  Piping hot when it came out of the cooler.  Select a cooler that is about the size of the meat your choose.  To big means not enough insulation.

    The rest of the Point I was able to slice as you can see below:

    I left the flat in the smoker in foil with a cup of beef broth and finally removed it when it reached 175 (about 16 hours). I would probably left it on longer but, supper was on the way!  I moved it to a crock pot and let it sit in AU JU for about two hours on warm until the family arrived!  It was a hit!  My wife said, this is the best thing I have ever made in the smoker.  Other than the beef broth this cut did not have any other spices or family could not believe it!  Keep it simple folks..  This brisket has amazing flavor and let the simple flavors of smoke kiss the meat!   

    Here is a picture of the flat resting the in the crock pot and of course some slices ready to eat:

    Oh thanks Todd at A-MAZ-EN products LLC,.  I cannot wait for my next trip to Sam's!
  2. Great looking brisket I also have a MES40 and a AMNPS. If you don't own a AMNPS you should.

    Happy smoken.


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