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Discussion in 'Beef' started by smokin relaxin steve, May 14, 2010.

  1. My oh my how things have changed in a matter of days... some of you may have seen my Thread the other day that i was maybe going to have to hold off on Smoking for a few weeks... Well that has changed! not only will i be smoking some Beef Ribs 2nite, but I will be smoking w/ my neighbor 2moro after i help him out with his future new place... Any way... I got, what i think, is a really good deal on some Beef Back Ribs last night... But i have only done beef short ribs so i just need some cooking times... show you waht i got so far...

    Pulled the Membrane off and trimmed small amounts of fat off... on a side note the mombrane on these i found to be a little harder to remove... but any way...

    I had these rubs from when i was experimenting on what i like, but now i usually use my own homeade rub, but i figured why not do something different w/ a new meal... I did 2 w/ 1 & 2 w/ the other... and of course my personal favorite... hit it w/ some Cinnamon after for extra flavor (i put Cinnamon on ALMOST everything a Smoke)...

    Rubbed w/ Mustard and the Rubs ready for the fridge..

    I need to know Smoker Temp and times for these bad boys. Also, i usually dont do the 3-2-1 w/ my spares, should i with these? (on a side note im gonna try my 1st 3-2-1 Saturday on 1 or 2 racks of spares)... I will be putting them in after work today, but i eat late on Fridays... Like to get some drinks into me... mmmmm beer... anyway, thanks in advance for the answers... (I will post the smoke on Monday, the comp at home is acting up)....
  2. I did some beef ribs two weeks ago. I used a modified 2-2-1.
    Smoked at 230-240 for about 2 1/2 hours, spritzing with apple juice every 45 minutes or so.
    Foiled for two hours with a real healthy dollop of apple juice.
    Unfoiled and back in smoke for abour 30-40 minutes, applying some sauce about 20 minutes before pulling.
    NO leftovers.
  3. Thanks man... Really appreciate it... Nice looking QView in your thread... I will follow this... especially the dollop of beer for the chef!!!!!!!! Love Fridays!
  4. Sorry... I was supposed to post this Monday, but work has been crazy... the Beef Ribs came out awesome and we devowered them... decided to make and serve them wet... Unfortunatly I had to use my cell phone yet again for this QView... Here they are out of the fridge w/ another round of Rub...

    It was Friday so i had to have one of these while the smoker got up to temp

    After about 45min went out to spray them w/ cranberry juice

    So i went to pull them to Foil

    As I went back out to put them in the Gas was dead, but i had a back up tank.... Pulled them later to unwrap from the foil... and made my BBQ sauce to get these Ribs nice and wet... I used a mix of Sweet Baby Rays & Honey Mustard... not just any Honey Mustard, my bro gets this from a guy that comes into his work and sells pickles and other items... AKA The Pickle Man... But anyway this Honey Mustard is in a class of its own... If you have ever been to Bennigans Restaurant and had the Honey Mustard there its about the same category...

    It was getting late so i made a Red Bull and Vodca to keep me up and because by this time i was wasted LOL

    Put the sauce on about 30 or 40 min before i pulled them... they look extra dark, but i think thats just the sauce... we devowered these things... no left overs the next morning... but there was def a hangover... had to get up to help my neighbor move... UGH...

    Thanks for looking!
  5. I do beef backed ribs quite a bit, but usually we see them cut individually. I can do them two ways, but both get Mojo Crillio. At times I just stack them in an aluminum pan with some of the mojo and smoke for 4 1/2 hours tops. I prefer my beef ribs as I do my steaks, medium rare. Rotate the ribs around and spoon some mojo over the ribs till they color up nice.
    Other times I put them right on the grate for 2 1/2 hours, then wrap in foil for 1 1/2 hours, then 1/2 removed from foil. If you'd rather not use the mojo, use your favorite rub.

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