Beef “Dino” Rib Sammies (With Au Jus)

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    Beef “Dino” Rib Sammies (With Au Jus)

    I couldn’t wait to get some Sammies made the day after I smoked the Beef “Dino” Ribs.

    Link to “Beef “Dino” Ribs”:

    I carved all the meat off of the leftover Ribs, and cut it into bite size or smaller pieces.

    I also Removed the thick layer of Beef Fat from the top of the container of juices I had put in my fridge overnight, leaving the Awesome Au Jus.
    This container was from the pan the Ribs were in for the last phase of my Beef “Dino” Ribs smoke.
    It was comprised of 6 ounces of Apple Juice, 2 ounces of Worcestershire Sauce, 2 ounces of “Ken’s Honey Teriyaki, and the meat drippings from the Ribs.
    After removing the fat from the top, that leaves a gelatin-like substance that when heated becomes the best Au Jus I ever had.

    So it’s time to make some Sammies. SEE BELOW

    We made & consumed quite a few of these, until Easter Day. Then I Vacuum packed & froze the rest of the meat for a future time.


    Started with Leftovers of 10 Ribs like these, and trimmed all the meat off the bones:

    This was the Juices from the foil pan after finishing smoking the Dino bones. 
    This container was in my fridge over night:

    After running a knife around the edge, I could pop one edge of the 1 1/2” thick layer of pure Beef Fat out:

    Here you can see the big disk of pure Beef Fat laying on the paper plate, 
    and all that’s left in the container is pure flavorful goodness in the form of a thin gel, ready to be used as Au Jus:

    Now I can take an amount of the trimmed Beef that came from the Beef “Dino” Ribs, 
    add a couple tsp of Au Jus Gel, and Nuke it for a minute or more:

    After Nuking, spread the meat on the roll, spoon some Au Jus over the meat & on the roll, 
    add some Hot Pepper Rings, and a little Sauce (Optional):

    Put a little cheese on top, and back into the Nuk-U-Later until the cheese is melted:

    Cheese is melted—Close it up & Get after it !!!
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  2. I swear Bear, I don't think that could look any better  Great Job again.  Gunna have to start calling you Betty Freaking Crocker    [​IMG]

  3. c farmer

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    That's a great lookin sammie Bear.
  4. bearcarver

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    LOL---Thanks A Bunch, Buddy!!

    And for the Points too!

  5. tropics

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    Bear that is another great meal

  6. bearcarver

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    Thank You Adam!!

    Tasted Great Too!!

  7. dukeburger

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    Nice sammy there!!

    Makes me wish I had leftovers from my beef ribs [​IMG]

  8. bearcarver

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    Thanks Richie!!

    And Thanks for the Point !!

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    What out Mcrib there's a new rib Sandwee in town!

    Looks great Bear, nice SANDWEE!
  10. bearcarver

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    Thanks Duke!!

    Thank You Case!!



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