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  1. Is anyone here a KCBS judge?
    KCBS is offering a class next weekend near me. I would like to enter a few close by competitions in a year or so and think this would be great experience moving in that direction.
  2. I am a KCBS judge. In my class there were a lot of competition team members to include Dave Anderson of Famous Dave BBQ. (He's a great guy). I think it's a great idea for competitors to go so they know what to expect from the judges.
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  3. That's really cool.

    *Update on the KCBS judge class "next week". The class is actually tomorrow, March 1st.
    I was off by a whole week, LOL.
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    Ha, ha, ha....funny you asked! I actually took the class today! It was good information to learn. Not sure I would judge one and what I took from it was to cook to your liking , because there are so many different tastes.
  5. Interesting, I can't wait till tomorrow. I'm very excited to go.
    I only have one regret since I started the low and slow, not starting this obsession sooner.

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