Beautiful weekend for some smoking here in Iowa

Discussion in 'Pork' started by cabinetmansc, Oct 25, 2014.

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    Really loading up the smoker this weekend with a 9# butt and ribs giving this rub a try (with some minor alterations for spice cabinet shortages).

    Would love some ideas for BBQ based finishing sauces for the pork butt. I know, I know if it's done right it doesn't need any but man o man I love me the BBQ sauce.

    Trying something different normally I coat my ribs with yellow mustard before the rub and completely forgot.[​IMG]  Butt ,pun intended, I figured like the old saying a bad day smoking is better than a good day working. Already wrapped the ribs for overnight fridge time and I will have a pic of the butt shortly. 

    I did do something different with the butt too. I had this balsamic vinegrette dressing from Sam's Club in the fridge too so before I did the mustard coat I put some on and let it sit for a bit before I continued on with the normal operation. I will let you know how it goes, obviously it is hard to mess up a butt so I don't know how to really judge it. So if I don't have enough variables as it is I am smoking the butt tonight and wrapping and oven finishing it. That and the wife says "Well if you are running the smoker today lets do some chicken hind quarters for dinner." 

    Now I am starting to feel bad because nothing else is getting done for winter prep, don't worry though another glass of beer should correct this feeling. [​IMG]

    Hope y'all have the same great weekend we are enjoying. pics soon
  2. I have a  4.5 lb pork shoulder on today.

    Any day in Iowa is a good day for smoking.  I have been known to smoke on colder days with my gas smoker but in nicer weather I use the wood burner.

     Cant help you now with the sauce but with all my pork, I like something in an apple.

    I had some hickory apple sauce I picked up in Galena IL last year and  a couple months ago we went back for some wine and sauces, picked up more of the hickory apple. Found a recipie on line for an apple sauce bbq but would have to look it up again thru a google search.

     On your avatar, that wouldn't be the Res by chance? My son takes his pontoon there quite often in the summer.
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  4. How did it turn out ?   Pictures we need pictures

  5. I did the pork shoulder on Sunday. Wasn't pleased with the outcome.

    The meat had a good flavor and moist but lots of grisel. It was tough!  I took it to 165 IT. I got 2 pics but they  didn't turn out well either with my old cell ph camera against an aluminum foil background.

    Wasnt'  one of my prouder moments anyway.
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    Ugh, similar result here. Butt was stubborn and stalled at 165 for way to long and missed dinner. Putt on at 9:00am and finally pulled at 11:00pm. we'll have it tonight for dinner.
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  7. I must have missed the stall on my shoulder. I think the hear surged at one point and it shot right thru!

     We had left overs today but we put the meat in the crock pot and it made it more desirable.

     I'm thinking I might try another one real soon. Ive had some luck with them before and and don't want to give up so easy!

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