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    hello all i am using bearcarver's turkey bacon recipe. I dont have mortons tender quick, but i do have cure number one. his recipe calls for 5/8 of an oz of tq and 1 tbs of brown sugar, I want to know how much cure one i could use for these breasts. Each turkey breast is just over the lbs. or 468 grams. Can some one please help me out.
  2. Hey Grim

    I use DiggingDogFarm's calculator, you can find it here:

    Using the default settings, it comes to 1.17 grams:

    Also, TQ has salt already in the mix so bearcarver's recipe doesn't call for any salt.  If you're going to use Cure #1 you may want to add some salt, see the amount shown above.  One of the nice things about using Cure #1 is that you have better control over the salt content.

    My advice would be to spend some time reading through the posts here on using cures, there is a ton of information here and a lot to know.

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