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Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by bigjonbbq, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. bigjonbbq

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    Does anyone on here have any knowledge or use of Beam Smokers? They look pretty good, really cheap compared to Langs or other similar smokers, but I've heard that the firebox may be a bit too small. Any opinions?

  2. pigpen

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    I know the guy was banned on ebay for shill bidding(bidding up his own items). He had like 10 screen names. There are threads about the guy on a couple other forums. His smokers are built from 1/8" thin except the propane tank models. I have no idea about his smokers performance or durability. Price is right though.
  3. daddyzaring

    daddyzaring Smoking Fanatic

    I'd like to know a little more too. If they're any good and do they deliver. Their, Model RS-01 , or 02 are exactly what I am looking for, and I might be able to manage that price.[​IMG]
  4. Well if he is a shady character like that with bidding on his own items, i wouldnt fool with him even if his pits were the best...
  5. smokinhot25

    smokinhot25 Newbie

    We bought a smoker off of him and were totaly screwed! It was nothing close to nice construction, very thin metal as the other member said, Our firebox burnt through into the food chamber just after a few uses. They look pretty but as they say looks are decieving. We have many broken welds and to sum it up, he isnt a very nice guy to deal with. When your placing an order, he is such an easy going gentleman, but when you call to complain he screams or just doesnt contact you by email or phone. We are presently charging back our smoker with paypal. Our friend also bought one from him, paid by postal money order, was promised a smoker within a week and they havent heard from him for over a month and the money order was cashed. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS PERSON ! ! ! Remember that old saying, you get for what you pay for!
  6. jdt

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    Check in with Craig Bell from Bellfab, he makes custom pits for very good prices, he builds them one at a time the way you want them, his trailer pits start at what most other pitmakers want for a patio unit. He builds in different sized pipe and you can even upgrade the thickness to 3/8 if you want. I saved $1300 driving to tulsa oklahoma and back.

    Good Luck
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  7. smokinhot25

    smokinhot25 Newbie

    Can someone tell me how to post pics o I can show the burnt out smoker and our ew pit as well. I've neer ben o insulted, I pot something resonding to another post that someone had mentioed beams ustom smokers. As ar as te cmpany we purchased from, according to them they are a middle man and do not build smokers. They are a dist for many manufacturers. Wasnt trying to advertise anyone, just wanted to warn people. Buy whatever you wish, we were just telling of our pernal exp
  8. smokinhot25

    smokinhot25 Newbie

    google and see what you find on beam, I wont say anymore
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  9. jones54

    jones54 Newbie

    Hey guys, I am a new memeber and I could not help but be intrigued by your story. I recently spoke to John at Beams custom smokers in regards to buying ine of his smokers. if you have any more information I would like to hear it. Also if you have any pictures of  the smoker you purchased from him I would like to see them. Thanks!
  10. papagreer

    papagreer Meat Mopper

    Sounds like Beams is a shady operation. The eBay bidding and the horrible customer service on top of a below par product makes me stay away. Not in the market for a new smoker, but if I was I'd stay clear of that Company. yourself a favor and don't get involved with that headache. Smoking is relaxing and something that you should enjoy doing...not worrying about chasing after a guy because your firebox burnt through. Just my 2 cents.

  11. jirodriguez

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    Never seen them, but have heard a lot of bad reviews and customer complaints about them - personally I wouldn't even consider buying one with the type of feedback I have read.
  12. jones54

    jones54 Newbie

    Duly noted...thanks for the advice.
  13. jones54

    jones54 Newbie

    Hey JDT, I spoke to Mr. Bell today.. he seems like a real good guy and a straight shooter. I would love to see your smoker Do you have any pics?
  14. jdt

    jdt Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    I'll pm ya
  15. timmbuck2

    timmbuck2 Newbie

    Before you take his word for Beams smokers, take a look at this:

    "Posted by OkieJay on November 06, 2010 at 16:52:59:

    In Reply to: Beams Custom Smokers posted by Joe Robinson on November 04, 2010 at 14:38:47:

    This guy was outed on another forum. According to the information, he was posting pics from Beams Custom smokers on his site and claiming he built them. Then the pics disappeared and the ugly posting started. It was suggested that Beams forced him to stop claiming their work and he got upset. I would not measure Beams based on this jerk.
    My 2 certs,


    I just found this out by googling beams custom smokers. I was also interested in his smokers and was taking a look idea how good his smokers are, but this other guy has posted on every forum he can find the same story, and usually also mentions he got a great deal at kingsmokers, which apparently was caught using a bunch of pics of smokers that were not theirs. Just a fair warning, and to give Beams a chance. I have not decided what to buy yet, but wanted to point this out. :)
  16. jones54

    jones54 Newbie

     I spoke to John the owner of Beams custom smokers on several occasions and he seems like a stand up guy. I don't know much about the quality of his snokers, but one things for sure they are deffinitely priced right, especially for the person who can't afford to spend $2000 or better on a large smoker. He has some smokers on ebay right now and has a good approval rating on ebay as well with positive feedback. I don't know if I am going to get one of his, but I am definitely not ruling it out either. Until antbody can show proof that he is not legit, it's all rumors to me.
  17. smokinhot25

    smokinhot25 Newbie

    I am a little insulted, I gave my same opinion to all questioning him on all bbq boards. Yes I also googled kingcookers after you had said that, and one thing I can say they never said they manufactured them. As far as my beams smoker Anyone wanting pics please pm me with your email, I will be more than happy to show you. Showed up with all paint missing on front of fenders, firebox door as well as food chamber doors do not seel up for crap, the welds are all pitted badly and any spot welds like countertops etc are all rusted, not to mention that the food chamber can be dented by punching it. So as I said will be more than happy to send pics. Also only 1 out of the 4 shelves have handles on them to pull them out. You be the judge, but I'll never recomend them to anyone........ and the guys name isnt john, its Jim Beam, hes also been nailed with many user names on ebay boosting his bids from other boards I've read.
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  18. queen of ribs

    queen of ribs Newbie

    I'm so glad I read u all posts I was buying one,matter a fact one just like he had on e-bay,no wonder he couldn't remember what price he told me man! i fell in love with the looks of his smoker's but i'm gonna take u all advice and just keep on shopping but I'm in need of one anybody know anyone honest because I'm in West Virginia.
  19. pineywoods

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     Check out the Lang's they are great smokers. We also have several members with the Bubba Grills smokers and they seem to really like them

    Here's the Lang website

    Here's the Bubba Grills website
  20. [​IMG]

    I picked  up my Beam Smoker in Sept of 2010 for $2400.00 here is how it all worked out for me.

    I sent trough Pay Pal $1200 for the down payment and $1200 when done,the builder said two weeks and it was two weeks.I had him make 8 racks instead of the 4 it came with and some extra changes he did everything he said he would,was easy to deal with and on time.

    It was my first smoker so I have nothing to compare it to?  But I will say this "I beat the living daylights outta this smoker every day or every other day since Sept of 2010" smoking 280 Chicken wings per cycle there are days we do two loads.

    It sits outside in the Rain and Snow and let me tell ya,Chicago gets COLD and ugly and the paint still looks good.

    Note: just now I have noticed that the fire box is warping a little and the door closest to the fire box is not sealing like it did when I first picked it up (could it be the extreme change in Chicago weather combined from the heat from the fire I don't know ???) I just say like anything.. mark it up to wear and tear I abuse this thing daily like I cant tell you.

    I installed heat distribution plates across the whole thing and this helped making the heat even seemed like a whole new smoker.

    I have always questioned the location of the fire box on THIS unit... it just seems like it could be a little lower? like its to even with the cooking area or..?? any thoughts please send them my way. (pic of smoker in my profile)

    Chicago weather is changing here so I will start making alot of mods on it now that I understand the unit.I am sure the builder from Beam would have made the mods for me at that time if just I knew more about smokers when purchased it.

    BOTTOM LINE.  would buy again from Beam... yes! 

    They seem solid to me,you just gotta know what to tell him you want and need. 
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