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  1. Putting the new Traeger through the paces. Third weekend with it and of course had to do some Q. I put in a Savannah Stoker yesterday and ran it empty and did an auto-tune. Holds temps much better now, though not quite within 10* at low smoking temps. I haven't done anything but run an auto-tune so I may look at some of the other settings in the manual, but frankly not that worried. Had I not had 110* variations on temperature with the stock controller (thats +/- 55*) I wouldn't have bothered. I am really not that anal, but even that is a bit much for me to take. Also, the Savannah Stoker has a program setting that I can run with 3 stages. Now I can go back to smoking my briskets at night in my sleep. 

    Anyway, I prepped some BBs last night and they went on the Lil Tex this morning around 9am. Hopper full of GMG Texas blend. Set it to 170* and put the BBs in when it was up to temp. Then took my son to his golf lesson and we spent another hour practicing. Came home and jacked up the temp 275* (this is at the 2.5 hour mark) to color them a bit more and get the smoker ready for the leg quarters. Leg quarters in and 45 minutes of 275*.  I wrapped them in foil (yes I have been experimenting with wrapping after being a former non-wrap evangelist) for only 40 minutes. Then out of the foil and one rack brushed with Korean style BBQ Sauce and another rack brushed with "regular" sauce (both homemade) one 1 rack nekid. Back into the Traeger and temp bumped to 300*. 20 mins later they were out and resting. Another 20 minutes and the yard bird was done and off. 

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    Looks good!
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    Those ribs look fantastic!!

    Great job!

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    Awesome color on everything. Sounds like you've got the temps just right on. Thumbs Up
  5. Thanks folks. 

    Yeah the temp is a lot more stable with the upgraded Savannah Stoker controller. I am more comfortable being more hands off, as was the intent with the pellet smoker. 

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