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  1. Hey guys
    So I did some bbr yesterday but as usual I ran into some problems with the smoker temp. At one point the woodchip box caught on fir so it went up to 300! Anyway I was right at the 2 hour mark when that happened so I pulled them out, foiled them with beer and back in but keeping a close watch. Then after 2 more hours I sauced them with my homemade sauce and heated them 1 more hour. Wanted to do a no foil no peek smoke but seeing as I ran in to problems I had to recover. Any here they are
  2. Then here they are foiled
  3. Nice looking ribs man!  [​IMG]  
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  4. And the dinner of champion. Some of my cheddar biscuits with some marinated oyster mushrooms. All homade from scratch of course
    They had a tad bit of pull to them but were not tough. Would like to really nail the fall off fall off the bone doneness though. Let me know what you guys think
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    Easiest way would be to bump up the foiled time so they steam more in there....go in increments so you know about how long it takes for your liking...Willie
  6. Yup that looks great!  [​IMG]   Nice touch with the homemade cheddar biscuits too  [​IMG]

    If you want the ribs to be more fall off the bone give them a little more time in the foil stage. Also make sure you don't wrap them tightly - you want room for the steam to circulate as they braise...

    EDIT: Yup what Willie said  [​IMG]  I was still typing while he posted 
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  7. Thanks. Yeah that is what I figured next time ill do three house and put some apple juice for more sweetness.
  8. They look good to me...was the meat coming off the bone easily. ...anyway great job...

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