BBQ'r from Toney Al (Reposted)

Discussion in 'Alabama Members' started by tmbs, Apr 16, 2014.

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    ~~Hi all, kinda new (been on other sites) to the site but have been a member for sometime. Found out there is an Alabama group and looking to join. Name is Tommy (TMB on other sites) Been cooking for awhile and using CharBroils Big Easy line up of cookers. I also own a Bradley Smoker, two Double Chef smokers (one is converted to a pellet grill) A Heatwave infrared grill and few more grills of all shapes and sizes. I use pellets, gas, wood and charcoal so looking forward to seeing all in my area and what they use
  2. Welcome from Alabama!

    Toney is up north in Alabama isn't it
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    Hey Albert!   Took me sometime but found this place.    Seems to be very little action here  [​IMG]    

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