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    Help needed (again) doing a BBQ, and I'm looking at a treat meat either a T Bone or Rib eye what's better suited to the BBQ. I know it's not smoking but I'm sure you guys will guide me right.
  2. I chose ribeye every time.  But both are GREAT!  Get to coals REALLY hot.  Lid ON!  Throw on some wood chips.  Don't worry about the heavy white smoke. Let 'er go for10 minutes.  Slam those steaks on the grill.  3-5 minutes on a REALLY hot grill.  Lid on.  Lid off and then quickly flip the steaks.  Lid back on!  QUICK!  Planned military operation.  3-5 minutes other side.  GO FOR IT!  YOU GOT THIS!  Keep Smokin!

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    I get my smoker out once or twice a month to do the beef ribs purely because they are so expensive but soooooo worth it
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    cheers Danny but im not smoking im bbqing, i am however going to smoke some ribs that day, just to show every one how awesome I am and smokin is
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    I am with you Danny,  It's part of my weekly ritual,   My wife like likes her steaks dare I say it "well done".  so I have all my coals at one side of the firebox and leave her steak at the other side so it cooks a bit slower.  I sometimes throw the steak on a plank and cook them that way.  I also use my Steak Chart (below) for reference.

  7. [​IMG]   Love that cooking chart!  Keep Smokin!


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