Bbq using an old dryer drum

Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by king infamous, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. king infamous

    king infamous Newbie

    Hi guys new here and got a few questions. I've got hold of an old tumble dryer drum and wanted to make a bbq from it. It has no holes in the sides just the bottom so I've drilled a few small holes in the sides and cut 4 slots for the grill to slot into 8inchs up from the base. I had a fire in it earlier an there was some black smoke coming off, are the drums coated in some thing and is there any thing more than giving it a good burn i need to do. I'm abit unsure if it will be safe to use as a bbq. I'll try put a few pics up if I can, appreciate any help
  2. socalcooker

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    That coating burns off with the first burn. I've built a small santa maria grill from a washing machine drum for camping. As far as being safe, yes once the coating releases the fumes that first burn it's done.


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