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  1. mathman

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    This evening my wife and I are going to have a home cooked bbq meal. I've never cooked beans. I've never made potato salad, I've never used an offset smoker. But today I'm going to do it all. I've watched family and friends do it and think I can create the perfect meal:). I'll be using family recipes. I should be able to recreate them.

    Potato Salad:
    Yesterday at around 7:00pm I made potato salad.
    4lbs potatoes boiled whole
    4 eggs boiled
    1/4 cup diced dill pickles
    1/4 cup diced olives with pimentos
    1/2 medium onion diced
    2 stalks celery diced
    1/4 cup pickle juice
    1 tsp paprika
    1/2 cup miracle whip
    1 tsp garlic powder
    Salt and pepper to taste
    I diced boiled potatoes skin on, diced eggs, then mixed ingredients all together and then put ingredients with potatoes and eggs and stirred gently.

    I put it in the fridge overnight. Yesterday it was ok tasting. Today it was amazing!!!

    Family recipe
    Soak beans in water overnight
    5 cloves garlic
    2lbs beans
    1/2 large onion
    1 salt pork from butcher(not HEB)
    2 tsp pepper
    8 tsp GOYA seasoning
    3 tsp Julios Seasoning
    5 tsp beef bullion
    2 tsp chili powder
    1 can petite diced tomatoes
    1/4 cup jalapeño juice from jar
    Cook 1.5 hrs and taste
    Beans just finished! Amazing taste!!!

    Let sit at least 6 hrs and they taste even better.

    While bean were making I made sop for bbq chicken quarters.
    Sop recipe:
    2 sticks butter melted
    1/2 onion sautéed
    Oil to cook onions in
    1 tbsp garlic powder
    1/2 cup worstishyer
    1 lemon cut in slices
    1 tsp pepper
    Dice onion, add 1 tbsp oil in pot and sauté till translucent, add two sticks butter and melt, add other ingredients and boil for 10 min, let cool.

    The sop will be put on chicken every 30 min while on pit. I will use a fork and some paper towel for sanitary reasons to mop the chicken.

    4 leg quarters
    Wet Brined overnight in fridge
    1 1/4 salt
    1 gallon water
    In the morning I took them out of the brine and patted them dry and set them in the fridge for the skin to dry more
    Then I seasoned them with GOYA seasoning and fine pepper. Now they are back in the fridge until I start bbq pit.

    Here's the pit.

    The pit had been sitting for about 10 years unused. I got it from a family members house. Needs a lot of work done to it due to rust.
    The fire box bottom is mostly rusted out. The grates are horrible. It needs a shelf on front. It needs a heat diverter.

    I've acquired some plate and expanded metal and oak wood 1x8 from family members and will be working on it next week. I cleaned it out and ran a fire in it yesterday. I figure it's good now for a try.
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  2. Good luck and enjoy!!!
  3. mathman

    mathman Smoke Blower

    I put it on at 4:00. It's hovering around 280 degrees. I figure it will be ready at about 6:00.
    We will see:)
  4. dukeburger

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    6:00 it is, see you then! [​IMG]

  5. mathman

    mathman Smoke Blower

    30min down. Put sop on it.

  6. mathman

    mathman Smoke Blower

    1hr down. Flipped and put sop on them.

    I added some wood too.
  7. mathman

    mathman Smoke Blower

    1.5hr down. Looking good:)

  8. mathman

    mathman Smoke Blower

    All done.

  9. mathman

    mathman Smoke Blower

    Turned out way to salty. I must have messed up the brine or the sop.

    Maybe next time...[​IMG]
  10. mathman

    mathman Smoke Blower

    And too much smoke.

    I accidentally doubled the salt in the brine and used garlic salt instead of garlic powder in the sop. Darn it. I'll hopefully do it right next time.

    How do I not get so much smoke flavor using a offset smoker?

    I think it might have been when each time I added wood because it smoked like crazy for about 5 min. Do yall think that' was the problem?

    My wife said it taste like she put her head over a fire.
  11. pops6927

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    Yes, common mistake to use too much wood and create too much smoke.  You only need a little, not alot.  That is where the term "Thin Blue Smoke" comes from; just add a piece or two and let it burn down.
  12. mathman

    mathman Smoke Blower

    I couldn't get enough heat in the pit without adding a lot of wood. I think this was because the fire box had lots of rust holes. I'm welding a new fire box today. Hopefully it will be more sealed but still breathe air for the fire.

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