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    I decided to try the BBQ burger from one of Jeff's newsletters.  Instead of making them open at the top I decided to close them up.  There are a lot of different ways to try this and I plan on exploring more ways(like maybe pimento cheese).  Here's how it went down:

    First I smoked 6-8 large CSRs for my BBQ.  This doesn't take as long as a butt and they were on sale so it's a win-win in my book.  I injected these meaty CSRs with apple cider vinegar and rubbed them.  I put them in the smoker @ 7pm.  I applied heavy doses of hickory until 9:30pm.  I took them off at 9:30 and added a glaze/marinade that I've used before for CSRs.  It's a mixture of bourbon, brown sugar, dijon mustard and soy sauce. I foiled them and cranked the temp up a little to speed up the process.  I set a reminder on my phone to check them at 11:30pm.  However sleep won out and I didn't wake up until 1:45am.  I should've set an alarm and not a reminder.   I found 2 things.  One the CSRs were done and two the glaze/marinade had become a glue b/t the CSRs and the foil.  No worries as I was able to salvage a good bit of the meat.  I deleted the pics of the BBQ b/c my phone is running out of space.

    Fast forward 4 days later.  Now it's time to smoke the burgers.  I had 9 adults to feed so I bought 7lbs of 80/20 ground beef.  I'm the type of cook that has to make sure I have plenty for everyone so I usually buy and make more than plenty.   I wanted to get something closer to 90/10 but mixed up the packages.  With that in mind I made the burgers a little bigger thinking they would shrink a little.  I used b/t 1/3 and 1/2lb of hamburger and a heaping handful of bbq.  I used a rub with the hamburger meat and some rub on the top before going into the smoker.  I also wrapped a nice strip of bacon around it and stuck a toothpick in. 

    The Mrs sauteed some mushrooms and onions.  I set the smoker to 250 deg for the first 45 mins then went to 280 for the last 45 mins with a helping load of hickory.  After making 12 burgers I still had a little more than 1.5lbs of hamburger left over. 

    I cranked up the temp to try and crispin up the bacon but really should've left it alone.  I got them a little too done and they were dry.  I'm either going to keep the temp down the whole time or add some sort of liquid to the burger.  I didn't want to use worcestershire sauce so I may try something else.  All in all it was very good and everyone loved it.  Lots of smoke flavor and the BBQ was really good.  I ate a lot of the BBQ cold before putting them in the burgers.  Of course no one went for seconds b/c those things were huge.  Thanks for looking.
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    Was never a fan of stuffed burgers...but those looks frggin' awesome! I've got some left over PP from the weekend, you've pretty much forced me to try out your recipe!
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    They look really great!!!  Depending on the size of the burger you may want to "pre-fry" the bacon about half done and then wrap the bacon around the burger so you don't run into the bacon not done before the burger is done.  You may need two slices of bacon to make the circle because of the shrinkage but you will get better results with the bacon.  Reinhard
  4. i didn't think i'd like stuffed burgers, but the patty press i just bought recently has a stuffed option. I put sauteed shrooms and cheese in it, and they were freaking awesome!
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    Have never tried a stuffed burger but those look delicious!  Thanks for the idea.  [​IMG]

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