BBQ/Smoking failures

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  1. Do you have a story about BBQ/Smoking failures that turned out inedible?
  2. timberjet

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    Nope! Hahahaha......[​IMG]
  3. bmaddox

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    Fortunately I have not had any inedible items. I have had things not cook as planned but I always managed to salvage them. 
  4. I tried smoking some skinless tilapia because DH wanted me too. Told him they were too thin, should have skin and the smoker couldn't get cool enough.

    Freaking disaster, fell apart trying to scrape them off the grill, no real taste, ick. Told him never again. 

    He is now working on the problem.

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  5. robcava

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    I live in the northeast and I love to deep sea fish. Catch a lot of bluefish. I guess it's personal preference but I can't make them taste good. I heard if you soak them in buttermilk and smoke them it's awesome, so I tried. Still fed it to my cat
  6. I tried the "swineapple" yesterday
    It looked really good

    But there was something bad about it, like the pork reacted with the pineapple juice and made the pork the consistency of wet bread
    Would actually stick to your fingers

    Threw most of it out

    I feel like im gunna go reserch the swineapple recipe on here and have a "i shoulda known better than to not look on here first" moment
  7. bmaddox

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    My wife wanted me to make this. I am glad you posted that it isn't any good. Thanks
  8. found this thread on here

    not sure why its in the Beef section, but there are a couple of guys on there that said theirs came out ok and a couple that didnt

    maybe I did something wrong, not sure,  I cooked it at about ~225 until the probe read 160
  9. bluewhisper

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    The most common fail I've seen is something fatty like bratwurst or skin-on chicken allowed to flare up, especially over gas heat. With a few moments of inattention, things can happen very quickly, and the food is at least soot-blackened, if not completely incinerated.
  10. mdboatbum

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    Pineapple has an enzyme in it that literally dissolves meat at oven temperatures. The same enzyme is in mangoes. They use it in "meat tenderizers". Try lowering your temp or smoking for less time. Or pre-cook the pineapple at fairly high heat for a short while before adding the pork. High heat will deactivate the enzyme. This is why canned pineapple doesn't do the same thing.
  11. thank you

    I figured it was something like that

    not sure this little thing is even worth the effort to try again though

    I may post your quote in that other thread, just so some people know if they are searching for the swineapple

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