bbq joints in Gainesville

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  1. Families headed to Gainesville FL tommorrow for my daughters ASME human powered vehicle compitition at the college. Lot's of bbq places listed but would like a tried and true joint so I don't waste my time. Anyone here been or recommend's a worthwhile place. Thanks in advance. GO TCNJ
  2. So family ended up at 4 Rivers Smokehouse in Gainesville upon some locals recommendations. Old style community seating with long wooden tables with food served on paper. Wife had the "Pulled Chicken" 1/2# lightly smoked and sauced which she said was very balanced. One daughter had the pulled pork which was moist and also lightly smoked and sauced, the way she likes it. My youngest daughter, the rib freak, didn't enjoy the ribs as they were too fall off the bone. Like dad, she likes a more toothy rib. She did like the sauce though. They enjoyed the sides, especially the fried pickles and smoked jalapenos. Prices were reasonable with very polite staff. Daughter's team placed 8th out of 33 teams overall and 7th in design which she was the lead structure engineer. She also broke the schools womens speed record and is the best the college has ever placed. So proud of her.

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