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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mwild103, Sep 25, 2015.

  1. mwild103

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    Good Afternoon,

    I took delivery of my brand new Stumps Baby yesterday. I ordered it with the BBQ Guru. I'm sure ill feel stupid when someone explains this but I can not figure out how to attach the fan to the adapter for the ball valve. The adapter for the ball valve is threaded like the fan should screw in but on the end of the fan there are no apparent threads and just a rubber o-ring that make me think it just plugs in or snaps in. I just didn't want to force it and brake something. Thanks for the Help.
  2. shortend

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    Not familiar with the Stumps Baby, but I have a DigiQll  that I mount on a Meadow Creek Pig Roaster. I ordered it from BBQ Guru and had to get the correct fan adapters for it when I ordered the DigiQ. Check on the BBQ Guru website, as they list the various fan adapters available for a large number of different smokers. You can then order the correct adapter for your specific smoker right from the website. They're not too expensive if I remember correctly. Somewhere around $25 each. Hope this helps.

  3. shortend

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    On second thought, if you already do have the correct adapter, then the fan just pushes in with a little effort. It can feel a little bit tight if your not used to it. A little wiggling as you push helps a bit. The O ring then seals the fan shaft from leeks. The opposite wiggling action and pulling is usually needed for removal. The adapters aren't really threaded, they're just ribbed on the inside of the female adapter to help form a tight seal.

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    Ok thanks I haven't had a chance to mess with it again. But, I will see if I can force it in there. I just didn't want to tear it up before I even got started.
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    Better hope you never need customer service from BBQ-GURU....

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