BBQ Guru DigiQ or CyberQ and Brinkman Vertical Fan Size

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  1. Has anyone used a BBQ Guru DigiQ CyberQ or other similar product with a Brinkmann Vertical smoker?  I'm wondering what size fan I should get.  10CFM or 25 CFM?  I never really fill the smoker with food at one time.  Usually 1-2 racks at a time.
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    Contact the customer service folks at FireCraft, one of the SMF sponsors and sellers of the Guru.  Ask them which would be best.  That's where I bought my DigiQ DX2 for my WSM

    The FireCraft team is here to help you prepare the best outdoor meal possible and we promise to make every effort to help tackle whatever grilling challenge you may face.

    Customer Service Email: [email protected]
    Phone: 1-800-745-6109 M-F 9am - 9pm EST

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