BBQ Guru DigiQ 2 PID and Power Raptor- for Electric Smokers

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  1. For sale, Red BBQ Guru DigiQ DX2 PID and Power Raptor.  Two probes, one for smoker and one for the meat. Complete with mounting stand.  Has a low and slow ramp mode as well as audible alarm for when meat reaches temp.  32° to  475° F range.  Used twice.   I no longer have the smoker so I no longer have use for it.  Asking $220 OBO paid $300 6 months ago.  Should work on any electric smoke to hold temps and avoid big temperature swings.  

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    I would be interested in just the power raptor if you will separate the package.  Send me a PM if so.


  3. Still available.  Isn't there anyone out there who want s a deal??!!  This is a great piece of equipment and it really does control the temperatures well.
  5. SOLD!

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